Yolandi Franken – A Positive Role Model for Women around the Globe

Yolandi Franken Successful Female Leader

Open up the television and you will see news filled with doom and gloom. It’s hard to identify with anything these days. However, things are changing. There are good people who are spreading positive influences across the media, and these are the people that we need to focus on.

Open up your TV any time during the day or night and you will be inundated with news about things happening around the globe. It’s not always good, but it’s still there. People want to know what’s going on all the time and they don’t like to give their minds a rest at all.

Since they don’t, things begin to change. But, while there is quite a bit of negativity abound, it’s not all as bad as it seems. People like Yolandi Franken are a breath of fresh air. They are changing the landscape and becoming positive influences to girls and women all around the globe.

Yolandi Franken has been involved in the showbiz industry almost half of her life. She is a film and TV producer, and a popular host. However, her talents are not just limited to the screen – she has been involved in many fantastic projects that have helped improve female representation in the industry.

Yolandi understands the sheer impact that the media can have on people, and it’s one of the main reasons why she uses her position in a way that helps others as well. She has been working hard to bring about a positive influence in the lives of others, and she is playing an important role in improving the lives of those who watch her.

Instead of wasting your time watching clutter, it’s important that you focus on consuming positive media that helps improve your outlook on life. There are a number of online platforms that even give users the option of commenting on their content, thus providing a platform where fellow users can connect with each other and discuss different things.

Of course, the more you are able to discuss a topic, the more you are going to learn about it. The media that you consume can significantly change the way you think about life and can open new mental horizons for you. Yolandi understands that, and is trying her very best to provide a positive environment for people.

She is not just the founder of the Cause Film Festival, but a celebrated film and TV producer, model, and an industry leader. She is an avid MC and is often asked to host and MC live events. Some of the events that she hosted include Liverpool Council Annual Festival with an attendance of 15000, Cancer Council’s Relay for Life Launch, The Thirlmere Festival of Steam, Kidney Health Australia’s Fundraiser, and a large number of film festivals, fashion shows, beauty contests, and corporate events.

She has a proven track record of promoting positive media and is an excellent influence in a world where most people find it difficult to get access to quality news and content.

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