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We are always looking for writers who can supply MicrosoftTop.com with well written, Technology, News, Business, Finance, Gadgets, Social Media and Digital Marketing content.

If you have an idea for a great article that informs and inspires our readers, we may be interested in publishing it on our blog at Microsofttop.com.

This is what we are Looking for?

  • MicrosoftTop readers generally seek information about Technology, News, Business, Finance, Gadget and Digital Marketing, but are also interested in knowing where to spend their money. So, in addition to articles on gadgets, games and space exploration, they are also interested in discovering new products.
  • Relations! Not only are we looking for one-time collaborators, but we are developing relationships with writers who can become a regular part of our team. Being a regular contributor to MicrosoftTop would be a feather on the top of any blogger.

Why Contribute to MicrosoftTop?

  • MicrosoftTop is included in the Google and Bing News programs. This means that our articles are instantly indexed and displayed in search results.
  • That website is SEO optimized and ranked well for thousands of keywords..
  • The site is well established and has a great natural backlink profile.

What Should the Qualify to Write for MicrosoftTop?

  • If you are reading this, you have already demonstrated one of the qualities we look for in a writer: You are investigating! So, you’ve already made a good first impression on us.
  • The next thing we would like to ask you is to provide us with a link to your blog or website. Don’t have a website or a blog? No problem – just send us a sample of your writing.
  • Note: MicrosoftTop will only publish original and unpublished content. If it has been published elsewhere, please do not send it to us. Please write in your own words and give the necessary credit to your work.


  • Contact us with a brief description of yourself, your knowledge and skills, and the topics of your interest.
  • Please provide links to some previously published articles or simply attach a partner when contacting us by email.
  • Let us know if you have a topic that interests our readers.

What you will Get?

At the bottom of each article you will be credited as an author along with a short biography. We are happy to link to your blog and social sites.

  • You will get great exposure to our growing readership
  • You will have the opportunity to speak into the lives of thousands of information hungry readers.

Article Guidelines

To help you meet our criteria and expectations, here are some guidelines to get you started:

  • It must be related to one of the topics that MicrosoftTop covers (e.g. Technology, News, Business, Finance, Gadgets, Social Media and Digital Marketing. Feel free to write product reviews, informative educational articles.
  • We accept 800  words.
  • Any photo or video must be credited to the source.

Send us a note if you are ready to write for us and want to submit it for publication on MicrosoftTop!

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