Women in Film Industry

According to the research conducted at BloomBerg, it was found out that women hold up to only around one-fourth of the top employment opportunities in various entertainment companies despite the fact that they have been promoted more often.

Females in the entertainment sector make up about half of the workforce, but no matter how hard their work, their progress tends to move at a slow pace due to the influence of gender bias in the workplace. A survey conducted by the McKinsey & Co consulting firm had gotten responses from more than 1700 employees who had said that women, according to the survey, ‘experience a more hostile work environment than men and face a glass ceiling that prevents them from reaching top leadership roles.’

The filmmaking industry did reach its highest peak where female representation had grown a lot from the past couple of years – but important roles like being a director were still difficult to reach.

Fortunately, women have become stronger and more independent over the years and have been relentless in pursuing their dreams no matter what. It is people like the highly acclaimed Canadian actress Grace Wan that we started believing that women can find their chance at getting the spotlight.

What makes Grace Wan so captivating is that not only is she an actress, but she is also a producer, director, musician, filmmaker, singer, and screenwriter who has been featured in multiple roles in several music videos and films.

One of the things that Wan has emphasized is that if you want to excel at something, you need to start early.

Her interest in the entertainment world started at a very young age. She started cultivating her skills at the young age of five when she began taking ballet lessons until she moved to Port Coquitlam, B.C when she was seven. She then started honing her other talents – singing, skating, using the guitar and piano and showcased her skills at talent shows. She received several certificates for her skills, including the level 5 and 6 piano certificates from the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Afterward, she started taking acting classes at Westcoast Actors Studio, Moonstone Theatre, Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts, and Granville Actors Studio.

Her professional career started when she started working as an Office Assistant at the Mainstream Company and taking on the Production Assistant role for an independent film of Blood Work Production. In 2006, she auditioned in the Canadian Idol Season 4 in Vancouver, where she sang ‘Inside Your Heaven’ and ‘The Greatest Love of All.’

As for her acting career, her debut film, ‘Shampoozled’ was a short romantic comedy that was warmly received by the audience and eventually led to her supporting role, Jamie Fu, in ‘Family Portrait’, which significantly boosted her reputation in the entertainment industry and captivated her audience. Consequently, she started working with famous actors, like Antonio Banderas, in the action film, ‘Acts of Vengeance’

Aside from Wan’s work as a professional in the entertainment industry, she is also known for her humanitarian work and supporting her community – is an inspiration for many women out there who wish to pursue the same goals as her.


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