Will the Fight Between VPNs and Geo-restrictions Continue?

Considering the current market trends, technology is shaping as we speak and the future of the security tool “Virtual Private Network” (VPN) seems to be fluctuating. There are two folds to this theory and to understand it better the few things need to be taken into consideration; the social and the technical aspect.

The way VPNs function and revolve; the social and legal issues will enlarge and pose a greater threat to internet users in the coming time. In the US, some laws are working their way up the ladder dismantling the Net Neutrality.

Keeping Net Neutrality on a leash will make VPNs a necessity for the simplest things because accessing blocked content would become a luxury with the best speeds possible. VPNs are still legal in majority of the countries which is a good sign, but the legal status would change in the future.

However, in countries like China, the use of VPNs or any other security tool is strictly forbidden and halted apart from few government-approved VPNs. Due to this, it’s crucial that the VPN provider is not based in a country where it is already banned. Is that so, you will end up dealing with major security issues and if found caught could lead to serious jail time.

5 Eyes 9 Eyes and 14 Eyes Alliances

It’s important to point out that there are countries which are in alliance to share mass surveillance data amongst other countries. This includes the Five-Eyes countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), Nine Eyes Countries (France, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark) including the 5-eyes and Fourteen Eyes Countries (Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Italy) including the 9-eyes countries.

Users in these countries will observe that their online traffic will be intercepted, logged and monitored and a prime emphasis on copyright violations which have serious penalties. Few VPN companies try to register themselves in countries where neither the European laws nor the US laws apply, and privacy protection laws are better.

Technical Aspect

The technical aspect is the responsibility of the VPN service where the VPN must ensure the security and anonymity of the users at all times. VPN companies do not consider this a critical factor but by going through the terms and conditions of the privacy policy; one would come across clauses that they log activity sessions including IP and session time which makes it easy to identify people.

However, at times they choose not to log any IP, traffic or even timestamps. They don’t even retain any other data that would distinguish the user and make their identity known to the public. The best habit would be to run dedicated servers on highly encrypted images with no data stored in backups.

However, the technical aspect goes beyond security because it all caters to the features and functions of the VPN service that plays a significant role.  

Extra features of VPN

To point out a few extra features which you can count, we have made a list:

  • Artificial Intelligence based routing is a feature which indicates that all user connection will be routed and re-routed depending on where the connection is bridged. Then it will route through the traffic in the VPN network directing towards the VPN server closest to the receiving end of the server.
  • It is cascaded to connections of more than four different VPN services that provide extra security for extra protection which is helpful when the data centre is compromised.
  • TrackStop filter is included that has a server sided DNS filter that halts/blocks ads, malware content, and phishing on all devices. It needs full IPv6 support if the user’s ISP provides IPv6 that removes any chances of IP/DNS leak and unlimited simultaneous connections.

That not only guarantees the lowest possible latency which is the ping response time that makes sure all the online traffic remains within the VPN server for an extended period. Further, every time a user visits a website, he/she will get a new IP address for different websites that makes difficult for anyone to track the user.

To Summarize It

To summarize to the work and use of the VPN; the need for a security tool in the 21st century is alarming and will increase exponentially considering online restrictions. That is the reason VPN providers need to ensure that user privacy and access to content remains balanced. But make sure you choose the right tool and not fall for shady VPNs.

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