The Economics degree is a very broad career, which does not train people solely to investigate Study Economic opportunities, but provides an integral education, with a social and vast perspective on the relations of production and exchange, social inequality and logical reasoning.

Do you want to be an Economist?

Economics graduates have many possibilities to specialize in the areas of their particular interest, either independently or through post-graduate courses. “Like most, Economy is a career that involves a lot of dedication. The student must learn a lot of mathematics and economic models that are much more complex than the current ones. Having to learn subjects related to models in disuse can be tedious for students, although in all careers there are subjects that displease those who choose them, “says a graduate of the Bachelor of Economics.

The graduate of the Economics degree will have the possibility to perform in different fields, being able to choose private companies, to join the state scope or to exercise it independently as a private consultant for both spectra. It will also be able to approach the political environment and apply its knowledge from a strategic position that allows it to benefit society through measures based on specific studies of the regional economy.

Why study Economics?

  • Because you are passionate about numbers, mathematics and the functioning of macro and micro economic systems.
  • Because you are always interested in the global economic phenomena and in your region.
  • Because you constantly analyze the economic processes that you observe through the news.
  • Because you feel capable of properly managing the economy of a public or state company, and even of a country.
  • Because you think that the economy is the engine of everything that happens in the world, surpassing even politics.
  • Because you like to investigate the economic processes through which organizations or regions reach a certain situation.

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