Why is consistency important in any niche

Earthlings encompass an innate dream of emerging as one of a kind. They work their heart out to reach their goals and aims. They will not hesitate to go to unprecedented lengths to become something substantive. The constant lust of outstripping others and becoming the leading face in the respective niche drives an individual to toil substantively.

Noteworthy is the actuality that a mix of personality traits is requisitely required to emerge successfully. Ranging from hard work, dedication, patience to intelligence is some of the necessities which are requisitely needed to reach the ultimate bar of success and prosperity. However, one extremely essential personality trait which individuals tend to miss is ‘consistency.’

The pursuit of being consistent in toiling to reach your goals brings about remarkable triumph. It induces focus and unleashes avenues that require improvement. Being consistent prevents distraction and staves off the ailment of deviating from your planned path towards success and glory.

It is evident that one has to fall many times before one can emerge as a rip-roaring personality. Take the example of a diamond that has to go through heat and harsh processes to finally formulate into the most precious stone praised and wanted by everyone. Hence, one should not give up when thrashed with highs or lows.

Rejection, failure, or not attaining the desired outcome are some of the many circumstances which force toilers to let themselves low and give up. However, the real challenge is to stay firm footed in pressing times and work towards their victory with patience and perseverance. As it is widely believed that success comes to those who believe it and work for it.

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying fundamentals”, says American entrepreneur, E. James Rohn.

An excellent example of someone who has attained a high achieving career through his consistent approach is RégisDucatillon. This passionate personality is French is a phenomenal singer, songwriter, remixer, music producer specializing in pop and electro and whatnot. The gifted artist turns every beat into drops of gold which pose euphonious to the listener’s ear.

Regis started his career from a young age and toiled his way through to become everything from nothing. At the young age of 8 years old, he began composing music. As a teenager in the mid-’80s, he created his first band with Samy Deep & Pascal Blach. Throughout the 90s, he continued to work with famous European artists. He achieved international success in the early ’90s with ‘I won’t let you down (a Ph.D. cover) by 2 Boys, their first European hit.

The vehement artist continued to add energy into dance floors until he achieved the success of a worldwide platinum album in 1998 for ‘Havana Delirio’, including the famous track ‘Carnavalera’. Further in 2001, the worldwide release of ‘The Dude’ was his first milestone. The album was entirely composed and produced by Régis and was a nod to Jeff Bridge’s character in the Coen Brother’s film, ‘The Big Lebowski’. Two singles from his album, ‘Rock Da Juice’ and ‘Be Happy’ were used as synchronizations in blockbuster movies and worldwide TV shows such as ‘Scooby-Doo’, ‘E.T’ (the 20th Anniversary), ‘Malcom In The Middle, ‘Kangaroo Jack’, etc. They also featured in hundreds of commercials, including ‘Pepsi World’, ‘NYC Yankee’s Item’, ‘Kinder’, ‘Target’ stores, ‘North American Lottery’, ‘Wendy’s, and ‘Khol’s .’ video games.

However, his ever-growing career suddenly came to a halt in 2010 when he became seriously ill and had to move back to France for medical care. Unfortunately, this pulled him away from music for some years. But the passionate and enthusiastic artist exhibited exceptional consistency, and as soon as he recovered, Regis bounced back. He built a new studio in his house in the French Riviera, on the outskirts of Cannes. Now working under the alias ‘RESCAP’, the alchemist is now back on track with his passion.


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