Nowadays, it is not necessary to be a web designer or developer to be able to create a website. There are various platforms and services to create a website quickly. All these platforms have a visual editor so it is not necessary to have any technical knowledge. In addition, they offer a series of options to create from simple websites that simply serve to present a company to blogs and online stores. In this article, we list all the benefits you can get by using one of these free website builders.

No knowledge about HTML and CSS is necessary

In order to use these services you do not need to have any knowledge of HTML and CSS. These two languages are essential to create a website, but thanks to the visual interface that these services have, you do not need to use them, the service is responsible for transforming the elements you choose into an appropriate language for the web. You only have to worry about making decisions about the elements that are really necessary in your site and adding content, the rest is the done by the builder.

You can do it without anyone’s help

If you want to create your own website and do not know about HTML and CSS, this is the solution to your problem. By using these free website builders, you can create your first site immediately, without any knowledge of HTML and CSS.

A large percentage of these services offer you a wide variety of tools and have a visual editor where you only have to select and drag the elements you need. If you want a simple website with a minimal content volume, opting for these services is not a bad idea. Of course, another alternative would be to use a content management system such as WordPress. Since there are a large number of themes available, you should only select the one you like the most and adapt it to the content of your site.

It’s cheap compared to creating a website from scratch

Many of these services offers you diverse features and benefits that vary based on the plan you choose. Since there is a great competition and a great variety of platforms, the plans are usually cheap compared to creating a website from scratch, considering that they include hosting and other series of functions. You can even create online stores and integrate social networks. But you must search and find out about the functions offered by each service and the cost, because not all platforms offer the same options. Take into account the needs of your website when choosing any of these platforms.

On the other hand, keep in mind that depending on the website you want to create, the features of these platforms may seem limited. It is likely that you work based on a template and do not have total freedom when creating the layout of your site. You may even find that the templates they offer are not so different from one another and you end up with a website that looks like many others.

If you are confused of options, one that I’ve found to be the best website builder and offers features that will meet mostly all of your website needs is You can check out their packages.

Your site can be online quickly

With these services you can have your site online in just a couple of hours. You just have to spend a few minutes getting used to the interface, add the elements you need to your site, place the content. Once you have finished with the design, you only need choose the hosting packages that they offer you and you can have your site online. Probably no other alternative allows you to have your site in just a couple of hours. You do not even have to worry about the domain, the server or the database, since the platform itself handles all these technical tasks.


There are several factors that you should consider if you want to use a platform or service to create a website quickly. Budget, volume of content, characteristics of the hosting service, available templates, and possibility of creating online stores or blogs, number of pages allowed storage capacity, etc.

While these services may be ideal for people who do not know about code and want to have control over your website, there are factors that you should consider, such as those mentioned above. While the advantages and facilities offered by these services are remarkable, there are certain risks that could be fatal for certain people.

If you are creating a simple website with a minimum content volume, choosing one of these services may not be a bad idea. However, keep in mind the other needs of your site. Maybe you need to integrate it with other services for your email marketing campaign. Can the chosen platform really be integrated with these services?

Carefully analyze if all the needs of your website can be covered by this new service. Otherwise, you can decide to make a website from scratch or use a content manager such as WordPress where you must contact a technician to add this platform to your website and configure your server.


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