Biology and New Religion:

Neither one: The study of life is an academic research. It can be classified among the human sciences. It must connect the academic research and the very life of the researcher because we study “life” and ourselves are “alive”. We can find an interesting structure in reference to ourselves. The study of life is a free project like the study of women, the study of the disabled and the study of peace. Anti-abortion organizations and Yoga groups often use the word “life”, but we do not belong to one of these groups.

But what is “life” Then?

Life of Human and Forms of life on the Earth:

The term “study of life” has many meanings and innuendo. For example, human life means not only the living state but also the road of a person’s life. We believe that life, death and nature are connected to each other.

What is the Objective of the Study of life?

Our ultimate objective is to live in this society without regret. To achieve this, we must seriously reconsider the meaning of our own life and our own death. In this materialistic, capitalist society, deeply influenced by scientific technology, we tend to forget the meaning of life and the value of our existence. We must radically criticize the negative aspect of contemporary civilization, scientific technology and capitalism. Gender, sexuality, violence, war are also important topics in the study of life. We need wisdom and mutual support at the intellectual level. This is why the study of life is indispensable.

But we already have Bioethics and Environmental Ethics!

First studied Bioethics and Environmental Ethics, but it Immediately Occurred to me that they had Fatal Flaws:

1) Medical bioethics is separated from environmental ethics

2) Bioethics has evaded questions about “the meaning of life” and “the nature of contemporary civilization”

3) They focused their attention on “ethics” and seemed to lack consideration for other approaches.

So I concluded that we needed another approach for this theme. I am not satisfied with the applied ethics.

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