What is the Average Lifespan for Laptop?

The laptop is designed as a compact electronic office that will be in your hand. And you can come and go with this laptop anywhere and you can use it in your personal work, office work and play. Nowadays laptop has become so important for every man that it can do your many hours work very easily in few hours, in which you will not have any problem but no laptop lasts forever. They also have a lifespan. And the lifespan of all laptops varies, with the average lifespan of laptops being between three and five years.

Operational Lifespan and Useful Lifespaces

Now comes the expectation of laptop life, when we talk about the expectation of laptop life, it is of two types. The first is the operational life expectancy, and the second is the useful life expectancy. If you have a laptop which is technically doing well even after 10 years, but it is still not very useful in your present time work. Because a lot of programs ask for more RAM to work on your CPU.

What is planned obsolescence?

One reason for planned obsolescence is whether your laptop soon becomes outdated or becomes obsolete. As we are seeing that in today’s time, computer industry has also promoted many other industries. There is also a fact of planned obsolescence that if a laptop was purchased in its last few years, it would not run the software in future. You must have a good CPU or graphics card to run the new and better software version. However, if you have a laptop with a desktop computer, then you will need to get a new laptop again. In which you will be able to operate the new software easily.

Battery replacement

In today’s time, the main contribution of laptop portability has also been how the laptop is designed and how the power source has been added to it. If you have a laptop mythology then definitely your battery life will be relatively short. As your laptop gets old, its battery also gets old and its effect depends on the charging capacity of its battery. If we see, the battery of a laptop lasts for 18 to 24 months on average, but it is also an important thing to keep in mind that how you use it.

How to make your laptop last longer

If you use a laptop correctly, it can give you many benefits. The heat for the laptop is very danger and the laptop has been specially designed to avoid overheating. And at the same time the laptop should not be kept in soft places and it should be kept away from the source of deaf heat. Laptops should also be protected from water or all other liquids.

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