What is Ed-Tech All You Need to Know about It

How many of you have heard of Ed-Tech? I am sure that you are already aware of the concept, even if you did not hear this particular name before. For all of you who do not know, Ed-Tech refers to the technological way teaching is carried out outside the modern day classrooms. This includes online submission of homework, informal mobile learning applications as well as gamification.  All of these make learning a more convenient option. However, you have to make sure that you have access to the Internet to tap these opportunities. You can opt for Spectrum TV and Internet Bundle or the like for affordable rates.

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What is Ed-Tech?

As mentioned above, Ed-Tech refers to all the ways that you can acquire knowledge outside the classroom via technology. It enables individuals to get educated even when they are not physically present in a university or college. It also allows teachers and students to have convenient options when it comes to homework submission or the like. Just like technology has brought about changes in some major segments, education has gone through a tech revolution as well. However, one thing that you must realize is that Ed-Tech is more than just reformatting training manuals and books. It is more to do with offering a new form of learning architecture via digital technology.

In case you think that this is a rather unpopular concept, have a look at some of the statistics.

Some Ed-Tech Statistics

  • 86% of the instructors believe that it is an absolute necessity to introduce Ed-Tech.
  • A whopping 92% of the teachers agree that they would like to use more of Ed-tech.
  • The educators in the States are spending an astonishing amount of $3 Billion each year on the digital learning content.
  • The electronic teaching resources cost less than textbooks. As an estimate, they cost something around 33-35% less than the textbooks.

If these figures do not amaze you, I do not know what will. It is safe to say that Ed-Tech is a new era in the education sector. And one that majority of the people support.

Apart from costing less, the following are some other benefits of opting for Ed-Tech.

Benefits of Ed-Tech

Ed-Tech aims at making the lives of individuals easier by offering them ways to acquire education conveniently. The fact that there has been a massive increase in the adoption of Ed-Tech by various institutions speaks volumes about the benefits it delivers. The aim of Ed-Tech is to just change the way education is delivered. And by doing so, it serves the following benefits.

  • It ramps up student engagement by offering interesting and exciting ways to learn.
  • You get an opportunity to save the environment and the trees by going paperless.
  • It allows the students as well as the instructors to keep a track of the progress that individuals make.
  • It allows students and instructors to collaborate with each other with much ease.
  • It also gives the opportunity for individuals to improve digital literacy.

While the above benefits are what makes Ed-Tech a favorite among many, there still exist areas of improvement. Ed-Tech can improve and make the experience even better for the people opting for it in many ways.

Things that can Improve Ed-Tech

Some of the things that can bring further improvement in Ed-Tech include:

  • Validation of all Ed-Tech products to be mandatory.
  • Focusing on quality and not the time.
  • Paying keen attention to the history of education.
  • The Ed-Tech companies should do a better job with their pricing strategies.
  • Ed-Tech companies should focus on hiring educators because they need them.
  • Companies that focus on Ed-Tech should also develop products while keeping neuroscience in mind.
  • Companies need to ensure that they understand the market well.
  • Ed-Tec companies should have realistic expectations when it comes to the profits that they will earn.
  • Ed-Tech startups should leverage customer feedback.

The above-mentioned concerns, if timely addressed by the Ed-tech companies as well as startups will help improve the Ed-Tech sector.

If the world starts adopting Ed-Tech at a faster pace, then a lot can change in the world of education. It is easier to opt for Ed-Tech in today’s world than at any other time. Because services like Spectrum Voice, the Internet and the availability of gadgets like laptops make it easy. It might seem like a rather new concept, it will surely benefit a huge amount of individuals once it becomes common. Not that Ed-Tech is not already changing the lives of people in a positive way.

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