What Is Crello, the Startup That Has Exceeded One Million Users in 20 Months?

In less than two years this photo design and edition startup has conquered stratospheric figures of the public, especially with an important international base of millennial users. We crumble some data about your success.

Born in the summer of 2017 is no longer a benjamina but has managed to become a hopeful gap between the most successful new technology companies of the moment between millennials and Internet users. We speak of edit.org, a specialized startup that offers an online graphics editor ideal for people who do not know how to design but want colorful and professional results. It is also designed for startups, SMEs, bloggers or marketing characters.

Just twenty months after its launch, the startup announced that it has reached one million users worldwide with more than 18 million designs made. Among its milestones stands out have exceeded two platforms of the likes of Twitter and Tumblr, which took around two years to register this number of users.

It highlights the huge spectrum of marketing material that provides users for image editing, providing more than 18,000 templates for publications on social networks, banners, invitations, advertising brochures and posters. It also highlights its integrated library composed of more than 80 million photos.

In total, the designs are compatible with 40 different formats and the intuitive interface of its platform puts the design in the hands of any amateur, who can select a template, play with the elements, incorporate text, modify background or illustrations and download the design.

“We founded Crello with the aim of adding a bit of magic to the designs. Thanks to our simple platform, users can get amazing results without spending hours trying to achieve perfect designs, since our team of designers has already been responsible for this work, “reveals Liuda Nebozhak, project director.

More than half of the million users registered on the platform (52%) come from Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, a strategic market that is key to the brand. The second largest segment points to North America and South America (32%), especially in Brazil and the United States, while 13% of its users live in Asia. Considering the age, more than 50% of those who use Crello are from the millennial generation, with ages between 25 and 35 years.

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