What is a WordPress hosting? Choose your best hosting plan


WordPress is a PHP based CMS that uses MySQL data to store data. This means that any web hosting service that meets the basic WordPress requirements can store and provide content. Hosting is the service to host webs so they can be accessed from the internet. Therefore, a WordPress Hosting is a web hosting service specialized in WordPress.

Transfer WordPress installations yourself without cost and in just a few clicks using the HostAdvice. We offer a professional migration service best hosting services for WordPress in discount prices plans.

Things to keep in mind to choose our WordPress hosting

Space: Depending on the size of your project you will need more or less storage space, which, as expected, will increase as the contents of the website grow. HostAdvice recommend you to find a hosting provider that offers you change at any time of the plan, being able to start in a basic one that you can scale according to your growth. It will also be important that our hosting provider keep us informed about the status of our account, sending us notices when HostAdvice are close to the space limit.

Bandwidth: In case of having a contracted bandwidth less than you need it is possible that you will find load problems on the web and users will be dissatisfied when visiting you and not being able to see the information they were looking for about your business.

Operating system: Really, if you are not an advanced user it is likely that this element is not so important for you. But if you have an administrator or webmaster that controls these issues it is important that you ask if you have any preferences.

Reliability and availability: Before hiring any hosting plan for WordPress, look for information and opinions from other users in forums. Due to our experience in different web projects and with different hosting companies, we would say that you try to apply the maximum of “what is cheap is expensive”, but our HostAdvice team providing best reliability serves for word press hosting.

Level of security: There are hosting plans that have special anti-hacking protections highly recommended, especially if you are a user without advanced knowledge in the subject. In this case HostAdvice providing safe and secure hosting plans.

Customer service: Having a good customer service in an uninterrupted way will allow you not to incur web falls that may be delayed in time. Look for opinions in forums about the assistance and customer service of the different hosting providers before choosing yours as it is one of the elements that make the difference.

Additional services: There are hosting providers focused on people with high knowledge in systems that generally have terrible customer service, although at an unbeatable price. HostAdvice recommendation is that if you do not want to devote time or effort to the maintenance of your website from this technical point of view, look for a provider with excellent customer best hosting services for WordPress and additional services that you can subcontract punctually to any problem that may occur. For more information and queries you can visit our webpage Microsoft Top and feel free to ask question, we are available 38 hours will response you fast.

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