What are the differences between electronic signature, digital signature and digital certificate?

The arrival of the Internet has meant a change in life habits. The way to search for information, watch movies or the forms of consumption is some possibilities that exist in the network. Faced with this phenomenon it is very important to be aware of the data that is filtered on the Internet and if the web portals that are visited are really safe.

In order to increase security, the Ministry of the Interior designed an identification mechanism that allows the recipient to relate the document to the individual or legal entity: The electronic certificate. However, to access it you need the electronic signature. This recognition system consists of a signature creation device that immediately identifies the owner and that is equated with the handwritten ram. The also known as digital signature allows advanced functions with which to recognize the Ram trader and thus detect immediately any change in the stored data, since it is the user who has exclusive control over his personal data.

Digital Certificate

The digital certificate is understood as the document through which a person is identified on the Internet. The system based on the electronic signature in the aforementioned document allows recognizing the user who is using the certificate immediately. The DNI is an example of this type of certificates. For greater security, they have two keys: one in the public domain, in which all the user data appear and it is certified by a competent certification authority and another private one, which is assigned when you create the document and with which the Electronic signature.

The technique used is the encryption system. That is, the server must enter the two keys in order that the owner of the same is the only one who has access to this information. With the digital certificate any user can access all the services of the Tax Agency in the electronic office. From submitting statements to obtaining letters of payment. Definitive is a system that allows accelerating information flows and save time in administrative procedures, since it can be done from anywhere.

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