What are the basic facts you must know about power banks?

I don’t believe if there is anyone who hasn’t bought a power bank yet to charge their phones, perhaps very few remains with their original mobile charger and stay close to the socket. But mostly whether we talk about a businessman, students, traveler, sportsmen or even a retired person sitting at home, everyone has once bought and used portable chargers. Are not you one of them? If not then must grab these given facts below in order to avoid any inconvenience while picking a powerbank for your phone or laptops.

Usually, it’s hard to decide the best brand of a power bank, since there are so many in the market promising to deliver the best quality performance, on the other hand, if you are a layman and don’t have much information regarding portable chargers, then it’s like breaking a stone with your own hand.

But here let me tell you, the brand or company is not really much a problem. The best and renowned company might fail to deliver the required performance at the same time a newly reached portable power bank perhaps succeed to do this for you and perform exceptionally well.

Then what that makes the best choice in the matter of brand or company are the features a particular power bank holds. Then again, there is a possibility that what a manual guarantees the properties, there might not be any once you spend money, or there is a lesser than expected.

One of my friends raised a question, it says; is the battery capacity of my phone has any role in buying a power bank? Or I just place a random choice in the matter of battery capacity?

The answer is yes, a definite yes. Obviously, if you own a phone which has a battery capacity of 2000mah and you buy a power bank with a battery power lesser than this, then how it suppose to charge your phone? Of course, it wouldn’t and if it is of exactly the same power then again it is not possible to give even a single but a complete charge at once. Therefore, you have to have bought a power bank with bigger battery capacity as compared to your phone battery capacity in order to at least get a single but a full charge at once or more than just one.

Another thing is since there are so many power bank in the market that might fascinate you via design and their properties that probably chant to be the best one among the others. Do not spend too quickly on the looks. Keep in mind the more a thing sparks the lesser it has to offer you when get neared. How the power bank looks when placed on the table in front of your friends matters but don’t rule out the features which are more important than anything else.

In addition, there are power banks that has a property of solar charging ability. Before you buy that one make sure you have excess to sunlight though the solar charging is the secondary way of charging a portable charger, or you can say an emergency for the power bank when there is no direct current nearby when you are outside somewhere there is no socket for the refill.

However, if you buy a power bank for your phone make sure not to plug your laptop to charge it, it will deteriorate the battery cells of your pack and hence shorten the life of your portable charger. Therefore, buy a separate power bank for your laptop with a bigger battery capacity than usual.

Hope I have been succeeded to enlighten you a bit and you will be able to hold your power bank longer than its expected life. My advice is not to cover charge your power bank, unplug it before it gets fully charged. Further, use the adapter and USB cables that only comes along in the pack with the charger, don’t apply any DIY or experiments with the portable charger that might lead to limit or even reduce the performance of the charger.

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