Website Designs that Impact its SEO Rankings

Contrary to popular belief, web design isn’t only confined to creating images and selecting colors. A lot more is required to create a website that’s appealing to eyes, is functional, and easily navigable. In today’s time, web designers also need to have adequate knowledge about SEO since it holds paramount importance as far as the digital identity of a business goes.

Not having this knowledge leads to poor website design that leads to the downfall of SEO rankings. Here are some of web design practices that should be avoided if you want to improve your website’s rankings:

Huge Images

Huge Images surely were popular once but, in today’s time, they are more of a nuisance. As they hog the entire page, they make it difficult for users to navigate the page. Particularly, browsing such websites on smartphones or handheld devices with small screens can prove to be even more problematic.

This tactic may prove to be of little effectiveness if it aims to only get a subscription from users provided the image is captivating. However, if a company aims to offer multiple services through its website, using a large image upfront may not prove to be a wise idea.

Images Containing Text

Some designers prefer images having text in them instead of opting for live text. A few of them believe that text effects look better on images while for others, the reason is either laziness or lack of competence. No matter what the reason is, you need to stay away from this practice. First of all, Google, when it crawls a website, it can’t read text that is written on an image. That’s a major reason why you should have live text. Secondly, you can have the same effects, or even better, if you have a grip over CSS. Consult the best web design services in New York and they can help you with this.

There are some exceptions to this rule as well. If you are opting for infographics, live text won’t help you. Images should feature the text.


Ask any internet surfer what’s the most annoying thing that hampers that website navigation experience, there are fat chances that the answer is going to be pop-ups, apart from ads, of course. This is the reason the use of pop-ups has become a rather controversial subject.

Despite the annoyance they cause to the user, many websites still feature pop-ups. The reason is simple; they can help to build a customer base. This is why website developers have not abandoned them completely.

Having said that, don’t go overboard in terms of pop-ups usage for generating results. Make sure, only one pop-up appears during a session. It should be relevant; try and come up with a quirky message, it will prove to be more effective.

Complex Navigation

If a user finds it hard to navigate through your website, there’s no reason why they would visit it again. Even if the products and/or services you offer are exceptional, you are missing out on a lot of leads if the website isn’t easily navigable. The idea is to get users accustomed to your website. And for this, you need a web design that’s easy to navigate and has all the functions and features users desire. As Google takes user experience quite seriously when ranking a website, it is important to keep things simple yet appealing both in terms of looks and navigation of a website.

Using Flash

Simply put, Flash is not only outdated but seriously damages the SEO prospects of your website. Very few browsers today support Flash. So, all those Flash-supported elements of your website won’t appear to users if they are using one of those browsers. In the case a website is completely based on Flash, Google won’t be able to scan and index it easily. Furthermore, no user will be able to view and explore its content if the browser doesn’t support Flash.

Not Having a Responsive Design

Mobile device users make for more than half of the internet users in today’s time. Thus, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a responsive website design. Ignoring this feature will not only impact your lead generation adversely but you will also lose Google rankings.

All in all, web design, in the current age, holds great importance even for SEO rankings. Therefore, hire the most experienced and professional team of designers to give your website an appealing look and boost its rankings. 

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