Ways to play on a Mac Almost as well as on a Windows PC

Playing on a Mac is possible even if video games have never been the focus of Apple. So far, because the announcement of the Apple Arcade has opened a new business path for the Cupertino firm and although we see it more destined to take advantage of its huge installed base of mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) the service will also reach the personal computers of Manzana.

Talking about “PC games” has traditionally been synonymous with “Windows games, you can see most recent updates on gamer news ” Microsoft has taken advantage of the very high market share of Microsoft systems; your control over OEMs; components such as DirectX multimedia libraries and in recent years greater integration with its Xbox ecosystem, to take over the vast majority of the PC gaming segment.

Apple has not helped change this reality and the hardware limitations for video game execution of the Mac themselves are known. Really, Apple does not have in its catalog any dedicated equipment for games. The majority of models mount integrated Intel graphics that do not serve the level that the gamers are looking for and although some models offer a dedicated graphics option, they are not the best and also raise the price of the equipment to unreasonable figures.

An appreciable limitation against a dedicated desktop or laptop PC with Windows that has a very wide offer including the most powerful dedicated graphics cards on the market. And they are a segment that manufacturers rely on to improve PC sales.

Five Ways to Play on a Mac

In this scenario, we might think that a player would have to completely discard Mac and macOS, but no, there are some ways to achieve it, although not at the height of what a Windows PC can offer in this section. Apple Arcade promises to improve the situation and the arrival of streaming game services will be definitive if, as they promise, they will work independently of the equipment and system used. Until this is possible, there are some ways for Apple users to enjoy their games.

1. Mac Native Games

Like Linux, MacOS has added in recent years a good amount of games specifically programmed and optimized for the system. The trend in cross-platform development by large studios is clear but not as complete and fast as a part of users who routinely use several operating systems would like.

The possibilities of getting games for Mac are varied (with the limitations mentioned in front of the Windows catalog) and go through acquiring the game in a specialized store, e-commerce or accessing the official Mac App Store that offers free games and commercials available.

The large videogame distribution portals such as Steam, Origen, Battle.net or GOG.com also offer a catalog for Mac and in many cases allow access to the Windows version, which is a point of interest for cross-platform users. Acquiring and installing a native game is obviously the ideal way to play on a Mac.

2. Boot Camp

Despite the increase in native games many others are not available for Mac. The best way to run the Windows games catalog on Mac is through Boot Camp, Apple’s official software that allows you to install Windows operating systems on Mac machines with Intel processor.

Boot Camp allows you to boot into one or another operating system without any difficulty and is able to offer the same performance as if you were using a native Windows machine with the same hardware. Apple guarantees the execution of the Microsoft system in this way and the truth is that it is a method that works perfectly enabling the execution of Mac and Windows games. As with native games, hardware limitations can be overcome with an external graphics.

3. Virtual Machines

Virtual machines are often an ideal formula to test applications and games from other platforms although it must be said that in consumer machines they will never reach the performance of a native game for Mac or using Boot Camp and also require a level of hardware of a certain level because we will have to give them resources from the host machine and – as you know – they don’t have enough in the Mac unless you spend a good sum for the improvements that Apple asks for.

4. Hackintosh

Another alternative is offered by the technique of creating Mac clones. Or what is the same, personal computers not manufactured by Apple capable of natively running macOS operating systems. Although some media and users mistakenly separate a PC from a Mac with the understanding that the former can only use Windows, a Mac is still a PC, very similar to the one we can buy or create with Windows and Linux, although it is customized, integrated and optimized by Apple.

5. Wine – Steam Play – DOSBox

Connecting with the virtual machines section although they are not really such, there is another type of software that allows us a similar operation. One of them is Wine, an open source application widely used in Linux that reimplements the application interface for Unix systems and supports both Linux and Mac. It is not perfect and will not work with all games, but it is one of that Fireproof software that allows you to run Windows applications on your Mac.

Finally, we end with another great classic in this section: DOSBox. A development that allows you to run old applications and games on multiple platforms, including Mac. It is not intended for new games because as its name indicates it is intended to support DOS as the reference system, but if you want to run those older games or revive the pleasure of playing great classics is a formula that also works on Mac visit gamer news.

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