Understanding the Value of Self-Development

Understanding the Value of Self-Development

From a very young age, most of us were told that we had to excel at academics and get good grades. However, since our formal education was focused on academics, many of the tools required for personal development may have been neglected.

Self-development refers to the activities that help improve a person’s potential, consciousness, abilities, and talents to realize their future goals. In simple terms, it is the key to help improve various aspects of ourselves.

Throughout our childhood, most of our experiences were shaped by family circumstances. Later in life, the motivation to develop ourselves is ignited by our growing desire to fulfill our own needs. The concept behind self-development is further explained by Chris Harris, an American motivational speaker, close-quarters combat expert, published author, patented inventor, and sales performance trainer. Harris is the founder of Motivational Pros, Roku Jutsu Combatives, and Warrior Makers Combatives School and has spent 25 years selling his personal brand of elite combative training both domestically and internationally. In 2015 he turned his focus toward additive manufacturing technology sales, where he achieved an immense amount of success in just a few short years.

This success led Harris to release his bookPhase Selling for Additive Manufacturing, which outlines the sales methodology he created to quickly reach his business goals. Aside from his efficient use of sales strategies and years of experience, developing a strong mindset was a major factor in his business success. Harris has shared his principles for developing mental toughness with audiences all over the world. As a motivational speaker, he emphasizes the value of indulging self-improvement practices for a better future.

Enhancing Self-Awareness

Many people spend time getting to know others and invest in their lives by helping them resolve their issues. However, to achieve and maintain mental fitness, we must take the time to get to know ourselves first.

The first step toward self-improvement requires us to understand what motivates us. This way we can understand our true desires, what strengths we have built over the years, and how we can manifest these abilities to reach our future goals.

Overcoming Weakness

Self-realization can lead toward more than just understanding who you are as a person. It also helps identify our faults and weaknesses, making us more aware of the things that hold us back.

You should not be ashamed of your weaknesses. They are a part of who you are, and you must learn to accept them. Once you have acknowledged and embraced your faults, you can begin the process of improving yourself in a lasting way.

Improving Mental Strength

One of the benefits of working on your self-development is the immense and positive impact it can have on your mental fitness.

Getting to know yourself is a process that helps your brain deal with your emotions and thoughts in a much more efficient and effective way. Moreover, you also learn more about why you experience certain negative emotions and how you can tackle them, should they cross your path again.

A person who is not focused on self-improvement will have limited control over their emotions. As a result, they will be more susceptible to stress and anxiety, which can be painful until properly addressed.

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