Understanding the Basics of Ecommerce SEO

Understanding the Basics of Ecommerce SEO

There’s no better time than right now to start working on building your business online.  If you’re trying to pull in new customers, using ecommerce SEO is the only way to ensure you’ll get the traffic flow you need. It might feel like there’s a lot of information to take in, but if you pay attention to your competition and listen to what’s trending- anyone can make it big.

What Are Keywords? Why Do They Matter?

If you’re new to this, you might have some idea of what keywords are, but you probably don’t know how vital they are.  The right keywords can make or break your SEO setup, and leave an article or advertisement left in the dark instead of ever getting found.  Keywords are phrases and words that your leads would potentially type.  You want to include these because it will have the article naturally show up in a search that they were already doing.  When they find the keywords in the article, their minds will call back because they were looking for it and might convince them to click the link.

Look into Your Competition

What’s a business without a little competition?  There’s nothing new under the sun, so don’t be shy about researching your competition and finding out how they work their SEO.  If you’re not sure that they even use it, it could just mean that they’re working hard to hide it.  If you can find information on how they use SEO, study their style, and decide whether it suits what you’d like for your business.

All Links Lead to Home

Links should head back to your home page!  Although it might seem smart to have your links lead to your shop or ‘about us’ page- that will come off as too much of an ad for most young people.  Instead, try to link mainly to your direct page or to an article or site similar to the one they’re clicking through so that there’s a natural progression.

Don’t Overcomplicate Your Website.

It might feel like your website should have all of the bells and whistles possible, and the idea might excite you to have cool transitions and animations- but hold off on that!  Not only does all of this pointless stuff make your site run slower, but it also makes it look cheaper and less professional.  You’re not Disney or Pixar; you don’t need a whole animated movie to make your website attractive.  Please keep it simple, include links to important pages, and keep a pared-down text and graphic style.  You can put up a directory, or a blog, to allow people to scroll through more information but don’t overload them when they reach your website.

Offer Information People Want

If you’re using entertainment-based advertising and writing content to pull people to your site: make sure the content is something people will be interested in.  There’s no point in writing an article about something nobody will want to read about.  You can keep on topic with your brand and your interest, but pay attention to what matters.

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