Top US-Friendly Binary Options Brokers 2020

To trade in binary options, the most important thing is to register with a trusted broker. There are many broker platforms used in the United States online trading that are distributed throughout the network, you just have to take a moment to make your inquiries and compare those that you think that more advantages are going to provide you when investing.

Only in this way you can choose the online broker that truly suits your needs and offers you the best experience of investment in binary options. It should be noted that not all brokers accept customers from all over the world. In fact, there are usually quite a few restrictions for residents of the United States.

Whether you are a resident or if you are interested in operating in brokers that accept US clients, I recommend you take a look at the binary options brokers list that I am going to leave here and they are best binary options brokers with low minimum deposit. At least this way you will have it easier in your search.

USA Broker Characteristics Account
Binarycent Binarycent Accept customers from the United States (USA)

Possible withdrawals and deposits 250$

Live chat with girls who help you
Open Account
Finpari Binary Options Accept US Customers

Minimum Deposit of $25 withdrawal $100
Open Account
VideForex Investments Forex CFDs New investment concept  
Live video chat with real
girls to guide us  

Trial account and $ 250
minimum deposit
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Brokers that Accept Customers from the United States (USA)

At European level it is very common that trading platforms do not accept operators from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. This happens for various reasons, although the main thing is to enforce the law.

To begin with, US operators must comply with FIFO rules, which limit the leverage of the account to 50: 1 and which obliges the trader to close their operations in the same order in which they opened them.

This law is at the USA level, and in principle American operators could use European brokers to operate without following the imposed rules. However, in the same way that the American government does not allow this practice, many European brokers reject those traders who reside in the United States.

No operator is allowed to trade in brokers outside their country and for this reason European brokers do not allow US foreigners to register and operate on their platforms.

Regulation in the United States

There are some brokers located in American territory and others that although they are not registered in the country’s regulatory body accept traffic in the US. In order not to have problems, it is best to always look for a broker that accepts US clients and that is in turn regulated by a competent body there, such as the NFA and the CFTC.

Therefore, if we are looking for a US Regulated Broker, we can Basically Find the Following:

On the one hand the brokers regulated by the NFA, which is an agency that regulates derivative markets in America, and therefore, the control of binary operations and on the other, we have brokers regulated by the federal regulatory authority CTFC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission). With the cooperation of these two financial regulation authorities, it has been possible to provide higher quality brokers.

Among the conditions imposed in this agreement the broker is required to have a minimum capital of 20 million dollars and the offer to his clients of segregated accounts so that, in case of insolvency, they do not lose all their money. No doubt this association has been a great success.

Registering in a regulated broker is a very important point if we want to enjoy secure trading. Having our account on a platform that has been reviewed and authorized to offer its services will always give us more confidence. In addition, the segregated accounts are always a guarantee for your money. Well, you can be calmer that the capital of your account will be protected, and that if you lose it, it will only be for making bad trading decisions and not because the broker breaks.

What Advantages do these Online Brokers have?

Well, like any online binary options trading platforms in USA we have the advantage that we can do all our operations comfortably from home or from anywhere else. We will only need a computer with an Internet connection or any mobile device, since many brokers also offer the possibility of enjoying all the investments in the palm of your hand.

This would be the obvious. But if there is something to highlight as an advantage of regulated brokers, which in itself by being regulated is a guarantee of trust, it is precisely that these regulatory bodies are American. As I said, financial control in the United States is much stricter and if we find a broker that is regulated by the NFA for example, we can be 100% sure that our money will be in good hands.

Of course, it is an advantage for all Americans or US residents who want to enjoy trading with binary options. As I said at the beginning, not all brokers accept customers from the USA, so finding a broker that accepts traffic from this country becomes another advantage.

Like any other European broker on a platform that accepts customers from the United States you can also find a wide selection of assets to operate. Although we do talk about currencies, leverage will be much more limited by law. Brokers that accept US or tough operators in that country include different types of operations and also offer very useful tools for trading.

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