Top 5 Ways to Use Mobile technology in Education

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With the advent of mobile technology, the life of today’s students has become much easy in their quest of receiving education and knowledge. The new technology assists students in all of their educational activities and it looks as if their future will be formed with the help of these new modern day devices. The mobile technology doesn’t only assist students to prepare exams but also facilitates them successfully complete their overall course with ease.  The mobile technology is transforming and changing the education in more elementary ways than just offering a new technological device that distributes information. There are various mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets that are altering the means students learn and receive an education. Here, we explain some of the significant and top five ways in which mobile phones can become a good teacher for students.

1. Exam preparation

A significant component of students to prepare for exams is to evaluate their recapping skills when they have finished working on a particular topic. There are various mobile apps available that easily allow students to recapitulate the contents of their subject or topic. Now, students can take advantage of mobile applications that provide practice or mock tests. These apps are installed with practice tests, quizzes and questions through which students can have a positive effect on their studies. These apps categorize questions or tests according to the difficulty along with the tailored exams and conceptual clarification regarding the subject.

2. Use of EBooks

Nowadays, mobile technology has become the hub of education and knowledge. Students are just a click away to access huge data and knowledge through the use of eBooks. The smart phones can be easily fit into a pocket so students can study anytime, anywhere with the help of eBooks and assist them to take assignment help or prepare for an exam. These eBooks let students research deep into vague concepts and save a huge amount of precious time and endeavor to gather information.

3. Educational videos

Nowadays, the internet is occupied with educational videos that can be shown through professional video platforms such as YouTube and Dailymotion. These online video platforms offer educational content in the form of videos that develops the community students and teachers. Through these video streaming websites students can exclusively learn the details of a particular topic. Students don’t need to register their physical existence in some campus or classroom to learn and expand knowledge. Now, they only have to login to these sites and discover the variety of concepts without the imitations of boundaries and time.

4. Notes preparation 

For students, writing down the important notes and points are important during the lecture in the classroom. Now, instead of writing with a pen, students can take advantage of various note-taking applications that they can easily install on their smartphones. By using these apps, students can simply avoid writing the notes through pen and begin to simply copy them completely with a single tap. These apps will help students to grasp the notes completely anytime, anywhere and help them to understand the topic more clearly.

5. Get instant feedback

In the era of mobile technology, students simply have to complete the task, submit it and receive instant feedback and response from the teachers. Through new mobile technology, students can easily anticipate feedback in real time. By receiving the feedback instantly, the performance of the students gets better as they immediately begin to remove flaws from their educational tasks without wasting any further time. So, mobile technology helps students to receive instant feedback and work on their flaws to improve their performance immediately.

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