Top 10 Software for Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics has various statistical techniques that analyze the current and future facts to make predictions about future and unpredictable events. The software for predictive analytics extracts the information from data and uses it for predicting trends and behavior patterns.

Traditional software often examines past and present trends. However, predictive analytics look into the future to help decision-makers to plan. Armed with these patterns, predictive models then create and forecast the possible outcomes.

Forecasts might cause an error, but they highlight the upcoming opportunities and potential drawbacks to enhance the quality of decision-making around those events.

Types of predictive analytics

  • Descriptive: Descriptive analytics usually use incoming data for identifying the trends and patterns that occur in real-time.
  • Diagnostic: Diagnostic analytics usually use historical data for determining the reason for an event that occurred in the past.
  • Predictive: This is essential for answering “why did this happen“? Predictive analytics uses historical data for finding the trends and use them for predicting future events.
  • Prescriptive: That is a combination of predictive and descriptive analytics for determining a specific action to take.

What features does predictive analytics software include?

The features of predictive analytics vary from vendor to vendor – how advanced or basic they are. But various features are available in all types of predictive analytics software.

  • Productive modeling: It’s a statistical technique for predicting various outcomes and behaviors. Models are created according to the company’s historic data. Then it’s tested and revised for utmost accuracy.
  • Data mining: This process is for extracting information to identify the patterns for understanding the data sets. That provides the relevant information for scoring variables and coding models.
  • Text analytics: This feature gives textual sources for information. It is one of the valuable resources for processing information that might stay unused otherwise.
  • Data visualization: Data mining creates relationships by gathering the chunks of information, whereas data visualization views those relationships. This feature is essential because it translates the predictive insights into charts, maps, and dashboards available on the screen.
  • R integration: This is one of the popular open-source programming languages. It is often used by statisticians. It’s a powerful analytical tool that plays an imperative role in boosting the abilities of a system because it extracts a large amount of data fast.

Ever string

That marketing dashboard offers mapping for a multitude of B2B accounts. This software combines the information of customer profiles and site usage information for building an actionable database. Users have to tell the software what they are looking for, and the Software development company ends up building matching customer segments.

Google AI platform

This platform is a convenient choice for machine learning developers, data scientists, and engineers to complete their projects quickly and cost-effectively. From data engineering to flexibility, the AI platform integrates with the tool chain. That helps in building and running machine learning applications.


  • Cloud-based machine learning
  • Spam detection
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Purchase prediction
  • Customer sentiment analysis

Rapid insight Veera

That allows the users to turn raw data into actionable information. This analytic software simplifies the overall analysis and extraction of data. Rapid insight Veera is a solution that alleviates the complex data working. Alongside this, it has an easy-to-use visual interface.

Right insight Veera is business intelligence software. It has the capability of predictive modeling, analyzing the past, understanding the present, predicting the future, data blending, accessing data from any resource in any format, developing visual workflows, dropping and dragging user interface without coding, developing the ad-hoc analysis, sharing details via email or cloud, seamless integration with other tools, scheduled and automated updates, facilitates team discussion, and more.

Microsoft azure

This machine-learning software is for simplifying machine learning for business. Business users can customize the model with best-in-class algorithms. That includes Xbox, R, or Python packages, or by dropping the R or Python code. The finished model can be deployed in a second and can connect to any data, anywhere.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based service that plays a crucial role in detecting patterns and processing large amounts of data. This predictive analytics software is highly beneficial for predicting various phenomena.

SAP Predictive analytics

That is a statistical analysis that helps in data mining and predictive analytics solution. This solution helps and builds predictive models for discovering insights and relationships data. Indeed, the best way to make accurate predictions about future events. This software works with the SAP platform data resources.


  • Automates data preparation, predictive modeling, and deployment.
  • Helps in predictive scoring for various target systems.
  • That leverages the visualization capabilities for revealing real insights.
  • Integrates with R for enabling algorithms and customized R scripts

Alteryx Analytics

This portfolio includes Alteryx designer, server, and gallery. This software is a perfect blend of internal, third-party cloud-based data that is particularly built for predictive and spatial analytics. This software works splendidly for predictive modeling techniques like logical repression, clustering analysis, data investigation techniques, and more.


  • Empowers everyone to make data-driven decisions
  • Creates a secure and private studio for analytic applications
  • Runs predictive and statistical analytics without coding.
  • Output analytic results for all popular formats.

Data robot

That captures the knowledge and experience of the best data scientists.

This software delivers unmatched levels of automation and machine learning initiatives. That is an accurate machine learning model.


  • Drag and drop dataset
  • Helps in making decisions and getting insights
  • Automatically builds and evaluates the models

IBM predictive analytics 

That offers convenient predictive analytics products and solutions that meet the needs of various users. No matter you are a beginner or a productive analyst, IBM predictive analytics helps people transform data into predictive insights. That guides the front-line decisions and interactions. That increases profitability and retention, maximizes productivity, processes, and assets, and detects the threats before they affect the organization.


  • Deploy insights into various business processes
  • Open-source statistical software tool
  • Hands-on predictive analytics

Rapid Miner Studio

That is a visual design environment for building predictive analytic workflows. That provides a deep library of learning algorithms, exploration functions, and model validation for science projects and use cases. That adds functionality to a large marketplace.

Rapid Miner Studio is an integrated environment software platform for machine learning, text mining for research, education, training, prototyping, and more.

Dataiku DSS

Dataiku DSS is collaborative software that explores, prototypes, builds, and delivers data products efficiently. That is an interactive visual interface where users can point, click, and build languages like SQL. Dataiku DSS is a tool for data preparation and modelization.


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