Top 10 Productivity Apps for Startups

Productivity Apps for Startups

You must direct a project, increase communication, sell your products or services, manage accounts, manage your online communities, and work with multiple collaborators simultaneously and in an organized manner, and all this just to name some of the tasks…

Here are the ten apps for startups (for Mobile and Desktop Computers) that in our opinion, every business person in 2019 should use to get the best out of each day.

1. Slack

This communication tool groups all the information exchanges in work teams in one place, making it available instantly and always within reach, no matter where you are. This cloud-based collaboration app began as an internal tool used for online gaming that is no longer on the market. Slack, which started like any other startup, is currently the fastest growing B2B app, used by more than 4 million active users every day.

2. Trello

It is a collaboration tool that allows you to organize your projects by tables, lists and letters, so you can effectively prioritize the work (and your personal life). At a glance you can see what is being worked on, who is working on what and in what state of the process the project is. Trello makes project management which includes assigning tasks, family responsibilities and travel plans – much easier and entertaining.

3. Buffer

This great social media publishing tool, Buffer, makes the process of reaching your fans more dynamic through a programming of your content. Help increase your reach by making sure you get the best out of each post. With a single click, you can share content across multiple social platforms and make sure that it has been published at the most optimal time to achieve engagement.

4. Salesforce1

This app empowers you to connect directly with your customers and manage your business from your mobile. Channel all your customer information into a simple and integrated platform, allowing you to build a customer-based business that includes marketing, sales, customer and business analysis with best services. Salesforce1 gives you a more complete understanding of your customers, and allows you to direct your business success and make smarter decisions from anywhere in real time.

5. Toggl

It is an incredibly simple way to keep track of your time, eliminating the need for time tables. Toggl app allows you to take control of your time from your computer or mobile so you never lose a minute of billable time again. You can organize your time by project or label and mark it as billable at any time.

6. Workflow

This App is amazing in use; you can connect your applications for multiple setups by using this app.

With Workflow you can create shortcuts, manage your digital content and even share it. It has been labeled as the Swiss Army knife of the apps, useful for completing complicated tasks, and basically it seems that you are designing your own app (but much easier).

7. Wave

Wave helps you create professional invoices, estimates and receipts in seconds. Keep your business organized and operational by tracking revenues and expenses without any effort. The app includes a suite of software products for small online businesses, such as importing bank data, billing and expense records, customizable account graphics and transaction log.

8. 1Password

Forget the sticky notes where you write all your passwords. 1Password allows you to collect all passwords and access credentials in a secure place in the cloud. With this app all your passwords and important information will be protected by your master key. You have extensions or plug-ins for most browsers and you can safely store other data such as credit card numbers, bank accounts and licenses.

9. Wunderlist

With Wunderlist you can organize your work and personal life in lists of things to do. You can also synchronize with multiple devices and share with family and friends to carry common tasks. With this task management tool in the cloud you can make shopping lists, work collaboratively on work projects or plan home activities much easier.

10. HelloSign

HelloSign is the easiest and simplest way to manage contracts and other written agreements. With this app you can see and sign documents without visiting the office. HelloSign also eliminates the need to print. You can sign and stair documents to send them back through the platform with a touch.

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