Tips to be more efficient during your day in your business

Being more efficient is not about luck or that you are a better or worse person, but about strategies and eliminating doubts or making unnecessary decisions to finish everything we want.

If you see that there are people who end up more pending on the day than you, it is not for another reason that they have implemented strategies to be more efficient.

The good thing about this is that you can also implement these same strategies to help you be more efficient in your business and in your day to day.

We will share tips to be more efficient and we will divide it by areas of your life to make it easier for you.

Tips in the physical area

  • Establish routines and schedules. It is much easier to be more efficient if you have preset schedules, for mealtimes, getting up, going to sleep, exercising, relaxing, etc.
  • Do not forget to exercise daily. It may be that you are one of those who are not very athletic, no matter you can do yoga or swimming, what matters is that you release toxins when exercising
  • Schedule a good night’s sleep. Sleeping well and having a restful sleep is of the utmost importance for the body and functioning of the mind. The best way to achieve this is to have an eye cover or blackout curtains to avoid any penetration of natural or artificial light.

Tips for your schedules

  • Establish daily routines. Having a daily routine will help you be more efficient. It can be as simple as putting food hours, office leave, hours to make calls, etc.
  • Set priorities. Don’t be one of the people who get the easiest to do at the beginning of the day, be smarter than that. Start your day with your projects that you want to finish and leave the simplest for the last. This will help you be more efficient.
  • Define schedules to finish projects. If you have a very large project that can take many hours, it is better that you do it for periods of time, that is, if you know that your project will take you approximately 8 hours, schedule 2 hours a day for a week, in this way You will know that you can finish in 1 week and you will not stop attending the other pending.

Technology tips

  • Eliminate the use of the phone; it is essential that the cell phone have it for minimum use. That is to say for calls and answer pending of your work. If you are one of the people who sleep with the phone next to it, delete it. This will help you be more efficient and focused on your day.
  • Dedicate specific hours to answer emails. If you have notifications every time you receive an email, it will be much harder for you to focus on your projects again. Set a schedule, it can be 15 to 20 minutes in the morning like at 11 and another 20 minutes at 4pm
  • Do not watch news or social networks. You do not need to be up to date, to be more efficient successful people eliminate as much as possible the use of social networks and news to avoid any distraction.

Food tips

  • It generates a diet. Do not eat fast because you are on the run, I know of the people who have established a diet.
  • Eliminate junk food. It’s not about taking off all your food at once, but about gradually eliminating junk food until you have no more temptations.
  • Prepare in advance. Do not be one of those who asks to eat every day, eating healthy requires an effort on your part and the best way to do it is to prepare in advance, it can be per week and it will help you to be more efficient in your day, since it takes you away Making unnecessary decisions.

Tips for your mind

  • Eliminate the word perfection from your vocabulary. You don’t need to be perfect or perfect, you need to try and try as many times as necessary. Eliminating this word will help you a lot to be more efficient since you will eliminate the stress caused by this.
  • Do not take it personally. One of the best tips you can implement in your life is don’t take anything personal. This helps you take a lot of pressure off your life and at the same time helps you focus and be more efficient in your business.
  • Learn to make quick decisions. Eliminate the in decisions of your life, if you are undecided it is causing a lot of stress in your life, make a decision stay with it and evolve based on how things are flowing. By doing this it helps you to be more efficient and productive since you will be correcting based on what is coming.

Tips for your projects

  • Focus on your final result. Do not try to find a way to do things, but only focus on your final result; this will help you see each step and not the whole ladder.
  • Learn to delegate. Delegate all the tasks you can, don’t try to do all your own. Always look for ways to surround yourself with people who help you, no matter if it is an outsourcing or contract, this will help you be more efficient.
  • Always organize your life. Do not leave anything for luck, organize, schedule and prioritize. Bringing an agenda to your hand (either on your cell phone) will help you leave nothing to chance and allow you to have the success you want by being more efficient in all your projects

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