Tips for Creating Effective Web Content in Digital Marketing

Your Blog as a Landing Page

In Inbound Marketing, a basic strategy to achieve conversions or sales is to create a landing page within your website. This page must have certain characteristics of design and content, however one of the most important is to have “Call to Action” elements, which are for example, purchase buttons or subscription forms. The purpose of these elements is to acquire new customers.

A landing page is not enough to get new customers, as consumers, for the most part, will only convert unless they are specifically looking for the product or service that you offer. This is where your blog comes in as a method of attracting potential customers. Your goal should be, in this case, to make your blog a reference within your niche market. For this you can apply two strategies.

  • On the one hand, you can generate information that is not centered on a single theme, in such a way it is intended to reach all types of audiences. The benefit is that through this strategy you can reach a large number of readers to attract more traffic to a website. However, this strategy has two disadvantages, one is that to generate the content you must have varied sources of information and possibly specialists capable of generating quality content in different areas of knowledge. Another disadvantage is that even though you manage to attract a considerable number of readers it does not mean that all of them will be interested in your product or service.
  • The other tactic is to deal with more specific issues, this in order to reach a previously identified audience. In this case the traffic that you would attract to your website will be less; however, the chances are greater that readers will become loyal followers or customers.

So we come to the basic tips that I want to share. These tips are just a brief general and simple guide to the best practices that can be followed to obtain better results within the blogosphere, however, it is important to consider that each of these tasks can be investigated as thoroughly as required, including You can delegate it to professional agents and pay for it. Obviously the more and better your research, the better the results will be.

1. Investigate the Keywords Related to your Target Audience

Returning to the opening words of this post, if you know a little about SEO you will know that this is the most important point, even for those blogs that deal with general topics, since the keywords should be used throughout your site carefully. This is because search engines use, to a large extent, keywords to categorize your blog within the results pages. Therefore, these keywords should be included in the title and description of your website, in this cases your blog.

2. Write Optimized Texts for Search Engines

Your research about keywords also helps you to include those terms within your articles; this makes it easier for search engines, which will suggest your blog to users who are interested in pets. For example, you can write about dog breeds that lose more hair, so you can include several keywords (breeds) within the text. Think that each race that you include is a search that a cybercast will perform one day.

Another idea would be to make a post about dogs for adoption, which is a popular topic. Think that those who are interested in adopting a dog will need articles for it, necklaces, beds, food, toys, clothing etc. In other words, they are potential clients.

3. Avoid Talking Excessively of your Company or Person

Except that your blog is strictly personal, you should moderate in terms of talking about your person, business or company. While it is important to provide details about your person, business and contact information, try not to make too much reference to your brand, since you run the risk of scare your readers. In this case it is more convenient that you talk about all elements indirectly.

For example, if you want to sell pet products, you can always refer to your store, experiences or knowledge, within your posts. One idea may be to make a comparison between the different brands of dog food and within that article mention that in your store you have a large variety of such brands.

4. Use forums and social Networks to find out which are the most Popular Topics

To make the content of your blog more accurate, you must find out the topics that most interest your potential readers. Try to solve the doubts you find on the Internet, this is the best way for users to reach your blog naturally.

For this you can use free tools such as web forums, where people ask questions about various topics. You can also search for Facebook groups, LinkedIn (maybe there will not be groups of dogs, but even professionals have pets) that are dedicated to pets and see what is spoken in those groups.


Finally, you should always seek to resolve the doubts of your readers, since in this way they will catalog your blog as the site in which they find the information they require, for this you must focus on the quality content since this is what a the long will determine the reputation of your site and your blog.

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