Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Excel with Microsoft Top

The program to create and process Microsoft spreadsheets, included in the suite or package of Office programs of the company, allows us to create tables, lists, graphs, and process all types of data, whether numeric or alphanumeric (letters).

Excel is widely used in the business sector in tasks of economics, accounting, statistics, finance, sales, as well as researchers, scientists, students and anyone who needs to create reports for their work.

In everyday life, the vast majority of those who open an Excel spreadsheet are not specialists at all. For that vast majority there are a series of tricks and tips that will allow them to get more out of the company’s tool you should go for Microsoft Top.

  1. Copy the contents of a cell

If you want to copy the contents of a cell to other adjacent cells quickly, you can click on the small square in the lower left corner. Without releasing the button drags on the cells where you want to paste.

It is possible to paste the value, but also only the format, for that click on the icon that appears in “Auto-fill options” and select what you need to paste.

Other options are:

  • Copy the value of a higher cell: CONTROL +
  • Copy the value of the cell to the left: CONTROL + D

To insert the same value in several cells at the same time do the following:

  • Select them by dragging the cursor or using the CONTROL key if they are not adjacent.
  • Write the value
  • Press the CONTROL + Enter keys.
  1. Change the format of the cells

Some key combinations allow you to quickly change the format of a cell:

  • Put in bold: CONTROL + 2 (Also Control + N)
  • Put in italics: CONTROL + 3 (Also Control + K)
  • Underline: CONTROL + 4 (Also Control + S)
  • Strikethrough: CONTROL + 5

  1. Insert a new sheet in an Excel workbook

When you create a new book it has three sheets that can be selected by the tabs at the bottom left. To add another one, use the keys SHIFT + F11, it will be added and it will take the place of the first one.

  1. Create a new line in a cell

When we add text in a text cell and exceed the limits, there are two ways to get it to display correctly:

  • Use the Adjust text option. Click on the “Adjust text” button of the Alignment tool.
  • Create a line break to create a line break, click on where one of them ends and use the ALT + ENTER keys.
  1. Create a chart in Excel with the values ​​of the selected cells

To create a graph that quickly opens in a new tab, just select the cells that contain the values ​​and press the F11 key. Try several combinations by selecting different areas.

Later to customize the graphic to your liking use the tab: “Graphics tools”. An even simpler option is to embed a graphic on the same sheet, for that uses the keys: ALT + F1.

  1. Create a web page with the graphic

You also have the option of creating a web page with the graphic done like Microsoft Top. For that use the menu: “File -> Save as …”. In Type select: “Web page”. Mark in Save: “Graphic selection” and press the button: “Publish”. If you are only interested in the created image, retrieve it from the auxiliary folder of the page in the location where it was saved. For more please visit; Microsoft Top.

  1. The most used and useful key combinations of Excel

It is possible to do all kinds of things using the keys or combinations of them. Continue by clicking

It is almost impossible to learn them all; we just need to learn the elementals that apply to our tasks. The list of all combinations can be found in the help file of the application, which opens with F1.

  1. Insert the date and time in Excel

To show the date in any selected cell, use the keys: CONTROL +, (comma). To show the time in any selected cell, use the keys: CONTROL +; (semicolon).

In both cases the data shown is static, that is they will remain the same each time the sheet is opened. You can use them, for example, to show a specific date and time. To show the date and time dynamically, that is to say that it reflects exactly the current one, regardless of when the page is opened, it is necessary to use the functions NOW, TODAY and TIME. It’s simple, just click on the cell where you want to show the data and in the formula bar write any of the following functions and press the Enter key.

  1. Give the same width to several columns in Excel

We often want several columns to be exactly the same width, but doing it manually is very tedious, it can be done easily. Right-click on the header of the column that has the desired width, in the menu select: “Copy”. Select the ones you want to match. Then click with the right mouse button on any of the headers and the menu selects: “Paste Special> Width of the columns”.

  1. Enter fractional numbers in Excel

When trying to write the fraction of a number, for example 1/2, Excel will return a date, in this case:

01-feb” since the character / (slash) is used for dates. To solve this, it is necessary to specify the “Fraction” option in Cell Format. For details about Microsoft Excel click here Microsoft Top

  1. Capture and insert images from web pages

In Excel, as in Word, it is possible to take screenshots of applications on the computer and also of existing images on Internet pages, without having to download them. For that in the Insert tab click on “Capture”.

  1. Create a new quick access item

There are 3 buttons in the top menu, Save, Undo Write, Redo Write. If you want to add more access buttons or options such as Copy and Cut, than please follow me:

File-> Options-> Shortcuts bar, add Cut and Paste from the column on the left to the column on the right and save it. You’ll see that two more quick access buttons appear in the top menu.

  1. Clear blank cells quickly

For many reasons, many default data may be blank. If you need to delete them to maintain accuracy, especially when calculating average values, a quick way to do this is to filter all the blank cells and then delete them with a single click.

Choose the column you want to filter, go to Data-> Filter, after the button with the down arrow appears, undo the Select All function and select the last option, Targets. All blank cells will be shown immediately. Go to Start again and click on Clear directly, all cells will be removed.

  1. Approximate search with wildcard

You may know how to activate the quick search using the Crtl + F combination, but there are also two wildcards: The question mark and the Asterisk, which are used in Excel spreadsheets to activate an approximate search. We use this feature when we are not very sure of the results we are looking for. The question sign represents any character and the asterisk represents one or more characters. What happens if I have to look for a question mark or an asterisk? Do not forget to add a wavy line forward.

  1. Hide the data absolutely.

Almost all users know how to hide data by right clicking and selecting the Hide function, this can be noticed if there is a small amount of data. The best way to hide data is to use the Cell Format function. Choose an area and go to Start-> Font-> Open Format Cells-> Go to the tab Number-> Custom-> Write; -> click on OK. As a result, all the values ​​in the selected area will become invisible, and can only be seen in the preview area. For more tricks and tips about Microsoft please come to join and learn about Excel features, visit our web page: Microsoft Top

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