What do you understand when you hear Magento?

Do you think it’s an ice cream cone? Because most people confuse it with Magnum, and while both may have the same effect, it’s on different audiences.

Magento is one of the popular e-commerce platforms. Many businesses use it for their operation and success. It is an excellent source of income for hundreds of people.

No doubt Magento is offering world-class standards for businesses to build up their sites. On the dark side, it also gives massive competition to companies. When suitable, best, and average industries start working on the same platform, they are into a never-ending race to get the top rank.

In the end, the company that works the best becomes the winner above all. So the question is, how can you make your brand stand out from your competitors?

And the answer is what we will be exploring in this article today with these 10 things to do before you launch a Magento site.

Ten Things to do before launching a Magento Site

Launching a Magento Site

It was never about the click!

People tell you the destination but do not mention the journey. This is because the journey is different for different people. However, this blog will make sure your Magento website development journey is worth it.

Follow the following instructions carefully, and everything will work in progress.

Number One: Launch a Mobile-First Online Shop

We all agree on the fact that Smartphones are our greatest assets! They control our lives without making us feel about it.

This is the power of technology. They have provided us with ease, and we should be thankful, also careful at the same time. Nevertheless, mobile devices are a significant source of commerce. People like to shop from the comfort of their homes and space. This is why, before launching a Magento site, one must launch a mobile-online shop. By offering a better user experience, one can improve their Retention Rate.

Number Two: Use Professional Themes Instead Of Free Ones

Who doesn’t like free stuff? However, one should consider when everyone is getting the same thing, and no one is making an impression! This is when you need to reconsider your site theme!

Free themes are readily available to everyone. However, a custom-built Magento site gives you more customization options and vast choices to make your site different from the rest.

Number Three: Customize the Shopping Cart

As a commoner, we find several e-commerce sites. Their shopping carts are different from each other (which is a good point). Did you know they can be made differently? A single change in color, font, or text can make a significant impact on the consumer. They can either go for adding more items or proceed to checkout. Therefore, customize the cart in such a way that attracts the audience.

Number Four: Use One Page Checkout Booster

No one likes the long Que! Similarly, lengthy checkout procedures are disappointing as well. A wise business will avoid this mishap. The best way is to reduce it to a few nominal steps for faster order processing.

Magento’s one-page checkout booster will instantly help you regarding this.

Number Five: Localize Magento Site to Specific Countries

If you sell globally, instead of offering a vast drop-down list of countries, you can make things easy for consumers. As a result, they will become your loyal customers and become ambassadors for you.

How to do that? Well, use an IP identification technique and then send your consumers a Magento store view in their language. This way, they will be saved from a lot of unnecessary steps.

Number Six: Optimize Speed and Avoid Performance Logjams

Again, who likes to wait? Only the saints can wait while the rest needs everything quickly! Isn’t it? Do you want to increase Churn Rate by disappointing your consumers? Obviously, No!

Make sure every page is as fast as possible. You can use the smallest JavaScript Code lines and clean up the CSS by eliminating the redundant rules.

Number Seven: Work On Unique Selling Points (USPs)

You may see and hear different taglines and marketing tactics of companies. Their sole purpose is to sell their product and get profit. Those who follow this practice are on the right path. If you have unique selling points, you needn’t worry about free shipping and easy returns.

Number Eight: Pick Your Site’s Domain with SEO in Mind

The Domain should be short and precise!

It should be understandable and to-the-point. People do not have time to type lengthy URLs or website domain names on Google. They want to save as much time as possible.

One way to play smart in this field is getting the use of SEO! Find the balance between the commercial appeal and self-interested value.

Number Nine: Create SEO Content

Good content will take your site to the highest ranks of success!

If we talked about content a few years back, no one would have understood its worth. However, this is not the case now. People are now investing in the content sector so much that it will give competition to other fields shortly.

This is why not just create compelling content for your Magento site, but it should also be SEO Optimized for better performance.

Number Ten: Reach Out To Build Link 

A veteran SEO-er knows that backlinks haven’t died out yet! They are still there and blooming!

It’s only a matter of experience and talent. Even Google claims links as their number one ranking factor!

Hence, reach out to build links. One way to do that is to use your social circle and ask for links to your webpage. This is one of the cheapest and efficient ways.

Final Advice

Magento isn’t going anywhere, but your site needs to reach its destination.

It’s always a better idea to go prepared and make waves. People are waiting for unique and different brands all the time. If you happen to understand the audience, everything else comes into the system.


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