The Story of Amazon | The Largest Marketplace in the World

The Story of Amazon

The story of AMAZON

From a simple online bookstore to the largest web retailer in the world in twenty years of business!

The founder of was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Thirty-year-old Vice President of Wall Street DE Shaw, Bezos is a careful witness to the web revolution in the 1990s and to the ever-growing statistics regarding user usage.

Jeff begins to think about a type of business suited to the characteristics of the internet, he decides to quit his job and start a new business in this world.

He focuses his attention on online sales and does appropriate research to understand which branches it is best to focus on.

Initially, it creates a list of 20 types of products potentially suitable for this type of activity, and then narrows the field to 5 and finally decides to focus on the sale of books ensuring the availability of delivery wherever the customer wants or wanted know that how to reinstate your Amazon account.

Bezos understood the potential of selling through e-commerce, but he could not possibly imagine what kind of colossus he was creating! The technology to make life easier for consumers!

Jeff chooses Seattle as the location for and takes advantage of proximity to a large Oregon book distribution center.

He focuses on raising funds to better launch the company and works with developers to build website and e-commerce with simple interfaces suitable for every possible type of customer.

He is sure that books are the beginning and among his projects he thinks about expanding the categories of products available for sale to the maximum. and its rapid growth

To establish itself on the market and beat the competition of all the new online businesses that were starting to emerge in the wake of, Bezos is betting everything on rapid growth:

In July 1995 he launched on the web, obtained the first large loans, after 2 months of activity he can count on over $ 20,000 in weekly sales and after just one year of activity on 1 million registered customers.

You can order books with just a few clicks, pay for them by credit card and receive them in a few days.

Amazon quickly becomes a very popular site, gets the first awards and, as expected by Bezos, opens the sale of new product categories:

In addition to books, music, video, electronics, video games, software, housewares, toys, clothing and much more are introduced.

In 1997 goes public, the website is improved and further simplified and the opening of a distribution center on the east coast in New Castle is announced in order to better manage the large volume of orders and shipments in those too. Areas.

Bezos, who always thinks about satisfying Amazon’s customers in the best possible way, can finally decrease waiting times, improve service and offer same-day delivery of most of the pieces in stock even in the West Coast.

In 1998 acquires Bookpages and Telebook, respectively, among the largest online book retailers in the UK and Germany;

In 1999 he launched the new online auction service “Amazon Auctions” and in the same year Jeff Bezos was named “character of the year” by Time magazine for the success obtained by Amazon in popularizing online shopping.

In 2000 he launched a new service that allows everyone (including small businesses and individuals) to rely on the portal in order to sell their products.

Hard times for

2001 is the first year of arrest.’s stock price falls sharply, and Bezos finds himself having to implement a cost-cutting policy including firing 1,300 employees and closing a distribution facility.

Do not be discouraged:

Even if the products on the portal already have a competitive value, it introduces even lower sales prices and enters into agreements with major retailers, thus becoming not only a first-person dealer, but also an intermediary.

The strategy works, sales take off and in the fourth quarter of 2001 finally reaches its first profit. the relaunch!

After the toughest times, for Amazon it is a succession of new product types, brands and acquisitions launches.

In 2005, “Amazon Prime ”a premium subscription package arrives in the United States,

In 2006 Amazon opens the business also to the delivery of fresh food products through “Amazon Fresh “,

In 2009 a messaging service was introduced to announce the offers of the day e

In 2013 comes the launch of the delivery plan using special drones called “Prime Air “

Amazon’s growth is unstoppable! password happy customers!

One of Amazon’s strengths is certainly that it has always focused its attention on customers.

“Happy customers” and always in first place are the keywords of Amazon’s success.

Bezos has always been convinced of the fact that in order to be successful you must first understand the needs of users who turn to his company and meet them trying to best meet the requests:

If not, in his opinion, business failure is “around the corner”.

Jeff minimizes advertising expenses, tries to guarantee free shipping as much as possible and maintain low and competitive prices in order to entice new customers to make purchases on the portal and retain them.

Customer services… and possible economic returns for! works to satisfy its customers, obviously trying to profit from this type of company policy anyway.

Through special tools, offers for example a list of products that could potentially interest different users based on the history of purchases made by them and, at the same time, entice them to make new ones.

The ability to post reviews on products and sellers has further boosted the business as customers have an extra weapon in deciding which product is best to meet their needs and which seller to order from.

Another opportunity given by to its subscribers is to create wish lists in which to save favorite products that could turn into possible purchases.

As written in the previous paragraph, the secret of Amazon’s success is precisely the relationship established with customers:

A strategic plan that allowed in a short time to go from just selling books to selling millions of products all over the world. today

What began as an online book business twenty-two years ago is now the largest marketplace on the planet.

A company that has become as large and powerful as the “Amazon” river from which it took its name.

The headquarters remained near Seattle, and the business from which the largest revenues come continues to be direct sales or as an intermediary between other retailers and millions of customers.

It has offices, headquarters, sorting centers, warehouses and customers all over the world.


Amazon today is considered the best portal on which to shop online.

Its secret has always been to offer a wide range of products, focusing attention on those who would grow the business: the customers.

The skills of the design team in predicting moves and anticipating the competition then allowed to establish itself in the market and reap great benefits…

An empire that, thanks to Jeff Bezos , his intuition and his great idea, gave rise to and later revolutionized the way of conceiving shopping:

Purchases simple, convenient, fast and… just a click away!

If you are one of the few who have not yet seen the Amazon site: this is the link to the best known marketplace in the world.

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