The Online Advertising: Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads

Facebook and Google are each massive players within the on-line advertising world. Google is advertising for 2010 brought in revenues of a cool $30 billion. In 2011, Facebook took during a relatively paltry $4 billion – a rise in 2010 however still nowhere near Google.

All in all, around $600 billion is spent each year on advertising. Around $66 billion of that’s targeted at on-line advertising.

With on-line shopping becoming more and more common, and an increasing number of people using crowdsourcing via social media and on-line searches to analyze everything from legal services to floor the scrubbers before they buy, advertising on-line is becoming essential.

So, if you have got set to start out advertising on-line, or wish to expand your existing on-line presence, however, does one make a choice from Google ads and Facebook ads?

Market Share

Facebook has 845 million active users, whereas Google reaches over one billion unique users every and each month. A technique to assist decide between the choices is to appear for information on however your target market interacts with every web site.

For example, if you target a specific location, how many people from that space using the Google and Facebook?

What is the Goal of Your Facebook vs. Google Advertising?

Both Facebook and Google enable you to focus on specific audiences and demographics supported things like location, interests so on. However, you wish to think about what it’s that those individuals are going to be doing on the web site.

When people use Google they are by definition trying to find one thing, whether or not it’s a product, a company or data. by contrast, Facebook is primarily a social web site wherever people generally browse and act socially. This is often reflected within the click-through-rate that ads have on the different sites, or however often people can click on an advertisement once they see it – it’s a lot of higher on Google.

So, if you’re making an attempt to sell a specific product or service, Google could also be a higher bet. However, for long-term brand awareness, exposure and relationship development, Facebook might be more appropriate.

How Targeted do you wish to be?

Google offers a wealth of choices for targeting ads, from the language to location to the all-important keywords. However, it’s not discounting Google’s talents to admit that Facebook has more data and opportunities for targeting.

If you would like to focus on a really specific niche and do therefore a lot of usually than once they are trying to find one thing related to that niche, then Facebook might be best.

Of course, there’s forever the choice to advertise on each site, either as a long-term strategy to require advantage of each site’s advantages or as an initial foray from that you’ll be able to assess which has a better come back for your business.

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