Technology has experienced the greatest advances in the history of mankind and has generated a constant evolution that has changed life in our society. Inventions such as the Internet and mobile phones have been a real revolution in the last 40 years. However, what other inventions have surprised the world?

Everything advances and becomes a novelty during a certain period of time. Most of the advances shown below, although they may seem everyday today, have had a great impact on the world and have transformed us as a society.

Storage systems

Compact discs (CDs): This invention was able to revolutionize the way in which music was listened to and store information worldwide, leaving aside the cassette and then the vinyl record. The Dutch company Philips launched on August 17, 1982. Today they are being surpassed by mp3 and online music.

USB Flash Drives (Universal Serial Bus): The diskette’s reign lasted until 1998 when a way of saving much more effective and dynamic information, the USB memory, came to light. The first device, which saw the light in early 2000, stored information of 8 megabytes. It has evolved to the point of existing models with capacity of 64 gigabytes with formats and presentations for all tastes and needs.

DVD: In this case, another reign that ended is that of VHS, which in the early nineties was the most used to watch movies in the comfort of home. However, in November 1996 Toshiba released the first DVD, the SD-3000. Similarly, the reign of the DVD is being overcome with the emergence of Blu-Ray and online video platforms.

Hardware Products

Laptops: In 1981 the first version of a laptop was known, known as Osborne 1. This PC was very heavy and difficult to transport, it had a high price for its production. 37 years have passed and laptops increase in capacity, while decreasing in weight and becoming affordable to virtually any pocket.

Digital cameras: Before it was impossible to take a photo and delete it if you did not like it since these were recorded on a photographic roll. The arrival of this digital technology allows not only to delete and re-take photos, but to save them on mobile phones, computers and USB sticks without problems. The latest developments have allowed you to take much sharper photos. The well-known selfies, in turn, are made in a much more comfortable way thanks to accessories such as the selfie stick and others such as these sports camera accessories.

GPS (Global Positioning System): This technology was originally designed for military use by the American army. Nowadays, it is a very practical device to locate addresses, find the best route or know the position of objects and people.

Mobile: This invention modified the global communication mode. In 1979 the first phones were launched to the market. They were large, showy and only transmitted sound. Now we have smart phones that can send text messages, take pictures and videos, interact on the internet, and play music and endless applications.

Fax: It is a tool that has facilitated communications between people located in different geographical areas. With this invention, he said goodbye to the desperate waiting time for traditional mail and opened the world to fast, easy and efficient document delivery. In a few seconds you can receive an exact copy of any document sent from anywhere. Today it is in decline due to the widespread use of email.

Headphones: Although this invention, although almost 88 years old, has evolved a lot in recent years. At present it is not necessary to connect them by cables; you can even use wireless headphones to watch TV. In this way, we can listen to the television comfortably without disturbing, enjoying great sound quality.

Technology in the network

Google: The company was founded in 1999, being today the most popular and used Internet search engine in the world. He managed to change the way of accessing and searching for information.

YouTube: A site where you can watch videos of all kinds, from people in funny situations to political campaigns. It was launched in November 2005; it was bought by Google in 2006. It has even led to a profession: the Youtuber.

Facebook: One of the websites that have revolutionized the internet, created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2005, has become the most popular social network. Its reach is surprising and today it is still the most used ahead of WhatsApp, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter or Snapchat. The use of social networks has changed the way we communicate in our society.

The best is yet to come

While we have witnessed a great number of truly incredible inventions, we must also be aware that the best is yet to come. Every day there are new ways to make life easier and improve communications, health or fashion. The future is yet to be written.


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