The Most Complicated Programming Languages to Learn That Exist

Many of our readers are programmers or are training to devote themselves to it in the future, that’s why we want to make things easier by telling them about the most difficult programming languages. Although you may like challenges and this warning does not back them up, unless you are prepared.

As you can imagine, none of the programming languages ​​that appear on the list are the most popular according to Google, indeed, some are virtually unknown to most users, the so-called esoteric, minority.

The Malbolge programming language takes the name of the eighth circle of the hell of the Divine Comedy. It was purposely designed to be one of the most complicated. So much so, that since 1998 there are programmers who spend time looking for tricks to facilitate it.

It is clear that a programming language called Brainfuck is not going to be one of the most enjoyable to learn. This language was designed in 1993 based on some concepts of Turing machine used to decrypt the German codes in World War II.

If you want a different programming language and you do not mind that it is especially complicated, White space can be your 2019 challenge. This language has a syntax composed of blank spaces, tabulator and new lines, the rest is irrelevant. Since 2003 it is in operation. On your Wikipedia page you can find an example.

What can be expected from a programming language that is born directly with the intention of being a complicated parody of other languages? The answer is in INTERCAL. Created in 1972 and later updated, its name is the abbreviation of Compiled Language with No Editorial able Acronym, so everything is said.

But if you have not had enough with these, we also recommend that you take a look at COW, based on the mooing of the cows, or Chef, which is written as if it were a recipe.

As we have seen, being complicated does not mean that it is lacking in humor. At the end of the day, all these complicated languages ​​are designed with some bad milk.

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