The Influence of the Media on Society

The influence of the media has taken a considerable place; they represent undeniable power in today’s global society.

This power is reflected in their ability to fix the ways of thinking of Media Society. I would be tempted to say “shaping the way of thinking”, nevertheless their influence is more subtle and is limited initially to “define the agenda” and therefore indirectly to guide the thought. They are a power because they have the tools and mechanisms that give them the opportunity to impose the agenda. As a result, they condition the behavior of other powers.

They can set the agenda for political, social and economic issues but also destroy the reputation of an organization, a person or a group of people. It is especially through this aspect that we can consider them as a real power. They have the ability to do but also to destroy the reputation of an entity.

In today’s society, the media contribute to the emergence of values ​​for the individual to accept as valid. This process begins at a very young age and is experiencing a tremendous acceleration with the new means of communication.

The media is a major contributor to setting patterns of thought, largely determining ideas, habits, and customs. They have become in a way the “judges of truth” they decide and dictate fashion, consumption, lifestyles. They establish what is right and what is wrong, and decide what are the important and significant events in the world.

The preponderance that the media occupy today is nevertheless not “the fact of the prince” as some murmur the hypothesis. The idea of ​​a great apparatus mixing media, political and economic elites, who in order to defend their common interest orients the information in one way or another, seems a hypothesis too simplistic and difficult to verify.

Nevertheless one of the causes of this phenomenon can be found in our society, by our incapacity to massif a problematic and a tendency to individualize each problem. The consumerist and individualistic society in which we operate contributes to the influence of the media. In a logic of confrontation we could say that we are a “weakened” target and therefore more vulnerable.

Therefore, it is essential that the individual feeds his critical mind and his ability to analyze the information and multiply the channels he uses to inform himself. It is essential to change consciousness in society as a whole, avoiding the prism of thinking that mass is right. On the contrary, go against the current of the general idea and think “that the individual can change the masses”. Making this task accessible to everyone, everyone at their level.

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