The importance of SEO for Companies

It is no novelty that users are increasingly surfing the Internet and that the contents that the user finds are conditioned by digital marketing factors and techniques. The ways of reaching content in the digital environment are varied, what is certain is that more and more search engines are used to find information.

It is also nothing new that there are still companies that do not invest in organic positioning, either due to ignorance, or because they do not consider it a priority for their company. But is it true that all companies need to invest in SEO?

The answer is yes, although not all need to focus on the same type of SEO. The answer is no, not all need it, but the vast majority do, although not all need to focus on the same type of SEO. For example, maybe there are companies that do not need to have a web page, but they do have a Google My Business card or a YouTube channel, which need to be positioned as well. Any company needs an online presence, and any online presence happens, at some point, for actions related to SEO.

Why is SEO Important? Reasons to Invest in SEO

  • According to the Search Engine Journal, the world’s largest search engine – Google – owns 75% of the total search market. While there are other search engines such as Baidu, Bing, Yandex or DuckDuckGo, YouTube is the second search engine most used by users.
  • It generates trust and credibility in the users, which not only influences the visibility of the brand (branding) but also the conversion rate.
  • Your competition is investing in SEO; If you do not invest, you will be left behind. And if your competitors are not investing in it, you can stand out and cover more business.
  • Having a website requires spending resources, so having it and not worrying about its positioning is wasteful of those resources.
  • It is often said that it is a long-term job, and, broadly speaking, it is true if we compare it with other digital marketing activities.

Keys to Invest in SEO

You have decided that you need to hire an SEO expert or an agency to support your internal team, perfect. But you probably have many doubts about what you should ask, what you can expect, what kind of tasks will be carried out, etc. This is why we give you key information when it comes to investing in SEO.

What does a SEO Specialist do?

A specialist or SEO consultant knows in depth the factors that influence the optimization of search engines. This knowledge allows him to put into practice a series of methods, based on analytical, technical and creative skills.

An SEO expert will analyze the state of a website and those digital environments related to it. He will carry out audits, analyze data, make an SEO strategy defining measurable objectives, create an optimization plan and implement changes both on the web and outside of it to reach those goals.

To invest in SEO Necessaries:

  • First, to be clear about our objectives. Without definite and quantifiable objectives, it will be very difficult to get it right, besides it can generate frustrations on both sides.
  • Second, we must be aware of the current state of our website. For this, at the beginning of the project it is necessary to put on the table, either in audit format or in another format, how our website works in everything that may affect SEO, from usability to technical errors or previous work done in matter of on-page strategy.
  • Third, what resources do I have to face an external SEO service? The internal and external team must be communicated and for this a time is needed for meetings and tasks that can only be done by internal staff, so it must be taken into account.

Invest in SEO: Advanced Issues

To invest in organic positioning it is necessary, in addition to the previous issues, to have a minimum knowledge of SEO: it is not necessary to know much, but to be familiar with some terms and types of tasks. That is why we introduce some useful terms:

Study of keywords: The study of keywords allows us to know what kind of terms to use in our pages. It is a process that must be done continuously, but it is very important when we design a website.

Page Depth: Refers to the number of clicks a user needs to reach a specific page from the main page by the shortest path. For example, a page linked from the home page has a depth of 2. If a page needs more than 3 clicks to be found, the search engines will have more difficulty in tracking it compared to a page available in a single click.

SERP: It means “Search Engine Result Page”. It’s basically the search results page. It is used very often to talk about improving positions in the SERP.

Backlinks: These are inbound links to your website from other pages. The number of backlinks on your page, as well as the quality of them, are very important because the more relevant pages you link, the more notoriety and authority your website will have.

Meta Tags: They are data in html code extremely important for on page optimization. It provides information to both the user in search results and the search engines.

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