The Good, the Bad, and the Best Types of Backlinks


Backlinks are crucial but they also have their certain backdrops such as best, good and bad ones. If you have a business website then you must get various backlinks, but try to categorize them and identify the bad ones. Here is the list for your help.

Getting backlinks are crucial for every business website as well as for SEO Backlinks Service plans. These very links make the site recognizable and advertise it as a trustworthy one too, and that way you can gain best ranks on the search engines.

However, there are so many types of backlinks out there which are not good and some of them are worst and without understanding the same your website gets penalized by Google just for harboring those worst links. Webmasters, Local SEO Expert, content marketers all of them understand the true value of good backlinks and thus they want to acquire some for their business. Here we have listed the best, good and bad types of backlinks for your site so that you can have more popularity and can gain the deserved rank on the search engine as well.

The Best Backlinks

There are different types of best backlinks on the internet and the first one is,

  1. Editorial Backlinks

These come from the sites of journalists, some blogs, publisher ones and these are highly credible. This particular type happens by organic search, and you wouldn’t even know if an editorial site is linking their sites with yours or not. This kind of things is done only because these people love the contents and the presentation of your business website and thus they get interested for more.

  1. Guest Blog Links

These are the backlinks when you post some content in the guest blogs and the readers and bloggers like to connect with you. You can build trust among the readers by some good publications and that can happen if you write good quality contents. Try to be regular with the posting and you will definitely get the best backlinks from it.

  1. Business Backlinks

The moment you build your business website you tend to link back to your profile in the social media platforms and other places, and by that, you can get the best backlinks too. You just have to create profiles in popular directories and see how it works for you.

The Good Backlinks

  1. Acknowledgment backlinks

These are the mentions of websites and the links are generally the reference of sponsorship or some kind relationship. These things do not have must content and they are mentions of a donation has been made, an event has been held up and so on.

  1. Bio backlinks

Guest blogs sometimes allow the author to have a link on their bio and these are generally not useful as the ones in the body.

Bad backlinks

  1. Paid links

For the links, you pay for are the bad backlinks. The buying of the same is counted under the negative impact on Google thus, these should not be used.

Normal directories

The general ones you use to add your link they are definitely not good for your business sire and you can always get penalized by Google.

Take note of the above-mentioned best, good and bad backlinks and become aware of the types of the same and for the next time handle your website carefully.

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