Artistic Approach to Healing Depression

Mental health has always been an important subject worldwide – although, despite its importance, there are millions of people who continuously struggle with mental health issues without finding any peace in their lives.

Depression is one of the most concerning mental health issues that we have yet to resolve. Moreover, it continues to grow on a much larger scale than ever before; the pandemic from COVID-19 had forced many people to go into isolation. The social distancing factor has played a major role in triggering the impact of depression worldwide.

Consequently, people have started finding different alternatives to counter this dilemma, and their biggest success that came out from this endeavor was indulging in artistic processes.

Art has become one of the most common outlets people use to distract themselves from getting out their depressive mindsets. Instead, they use different art forms like painting, drawing, or sculpting to channel their feelings through their creative works.

This form of art therapy has been studied and researched over time. According to Forbes, research has shown that through art, inmates have shown a significant decrease in depressive episodes and an increased feeling of being more in control of their emotions. Other people who have experienced the same thing through art therapy are refugee children, tuberculosis patients, cancer patients, and individuals who are undergoing bone marrow or a stem cell transplant.

Indulging in creativity processes has shown major benefits for curing depression amongst people from all age groups. Some of these benefits include:

Improved Mood

Various studies conducted by Genesight have shown that there has been an immense effect of positive influence on one’s mood when they are being creative. Their moods are instantly lifted, and they develop more control in harboring positive thoughts while negating the negative ones.

Anxiety Reduced

Someone who suffers from depression also has to deal with the effects of anxiety. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, it was found that more than 50% of people who had been diagnosed with depression had also had an anxiety disorder diagnosis.

With art, there has been a significant decrease in anxiety levels, allowing people with depression to have a much higher chance of combating their depression.

Boosts in Happiness

Naturally, when you are having more control over your mood, and your anxiety is going away little by little, it leads the way for a person to start viewing themselves in a more positive light. They gain more self-confidence and start appreciating themselves, which eventually diminishes the effects caused by depression.

Furthermore, there were even many highly acclaimed artists who suffered from depression but used arts as a means to channel that negative energy into something constructive. For example, let us consider Bolli Blas, a British contemporary artist, and painter who is also the co-founder of ArtsyNFT, an online NFT gallery.

Bolli had also suffered from the influence of depression in her life which she had struggled to fight against. But she had not given hope – she continued to use art as a medium of her inner peace and as a means to show the world how she felt without needing to put it into words. She is famously known for her paintings which have unique characteristics such as the wide-eyed characters known as ‘Bollis’ that “look right back at the viewer, representing eyes as windows of the soul, holding a mirror to modern society.” 

She is currently working on showcasing her artwork to various countries around the world and has been working to give back to the world by working with and guiding emerging artists.

Your depression cannot control you forever, so pick up your arts and crafts supplies and go wild with your creative spirit. 


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