The 11 technological inventions that changed the world

Thanks to the visionary capacity of certain companies and personalities ahead of their time, various technological inventions profoundly revolutionized the society in which we live. These are some of the 11 technologies that changed the world.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke said that “any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic,” and he was right. Numerous historical inventions of a technical nature have completely revolutionized the world. Who could imagine in the middle Ages that music could be taken anywhere thanks to a walkman? Or who would tell our grandparents that it would be possible to perform all kinds of remote jobs from a computer?

The prestigious Time magazine chose a couple of years ago some of the most relevant and significant technological inventions of recent decades based on criteria such as advances in technology, writing, electricity and business. We recapitulate some of the most important to give them relevance.

The first Apple iPhone

Those of Cupertino launched the famous first iPhone in 2007, a mobile that determined the beginning of an era thanks to its revolutionary screen, the popularization of games and applications, the intuitive keyboard or the powerful battery. After him, multiple models with increasingly incredible features have been paraded.

Sony Trinitron

The Trinitron was the first TV receiver and Sony Company launched in 1968 and that led to the massification of color television in homes, selling more than 100 million units worldwide. Journalist Edward R. Murrow had to regret having described the device as “nothing but wires and lights in a box”.

First mouse marketed in history

The German company Telefunken launched in the early seventies a mouse model for computers that contained a small rubber sphere inside, responsible for recording the coordinates. Then came the mice of Xerox personal computers, such as the Alto, from 1973. Regarding the beginnings of this essential technological gadget, it is necessary to go back to the first mouse presented by Engelbart in 1968, consisting of a small wooden box with a red button on the top and a cable that simulated, precisely, the tail of a mouse.

Apple Macintosh

It does not look much like the current ones, right? Launched in the early eighties, the first Macintosh of 1981 revolutionized everything thanks to a powerful graphical user interface and ease of use.

The Sony Walkman

Time defined this addictive cassette tape playback device, so popular in previous decades before the advent of digital formats or their successors – the disc player and the mp3 player – as “the first musical device that combined portability, simplicity and accessibility”

IBM Model 5150

This gadget boasts the pride of being the first personal computer, constituting the original version and the progenitor of the IBM PC compatible hardware platform. He came to the world on August 12, 1981 as part of the fifth generation of computers.

The gramophone

The gramophone was an innovative system of recording and reproduction of audio, whose sound came from flat discs and not cylinders as in the case of the phonograph that used cylinders, the sound of the vitrola came from flat discs. The same principle was used for decades. “Victor Talking Machine Company” was the model that turned the audio players into one more member of the homes, standing out for its elegant design crowned by its amplifying horn hidden inside a wooden cabinet. Later, the company would be bought by RCA.

The Regency TR-1 transistor radio

The novel transistors facilitated the creation of smaller portable devices. This was the first pocket radio, the forerunner of the era of high-tech miniaturization. This innovation is post World War II and was developed by Texas Instruments and Development Engineering Industrial Associates. The transistors amplified the radio signal through printed circuit boards.

Kodak Brownie

When it was released in 1900, this adorable Kodak Brownie had the ridiculous price of a dollar and was the first portable camera for mass use.

Apple iPod

The iPod was for years the workhorse of Apple, completely changed the panorama of music consumption, catapulted iTunes as a platform and today, still has high sales figures in the market.

Atari 2600

The Atari 2600 of 1977 was the dream of thousands of children and adolescents, in addition to the third console that used interchangeable cartridges, making them popular for more than two decades. Would you like to play a little game?

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