TechPally Talks on Making Your Workers Promote your Biz on Twitter

Every business owner wants their tweets and content to be retweeted and shared by thought leaders, celebrities, and followers in order for the brand to attract new customers.

Too often, brands ignore one of the most influential groups of people on Twitter – their own employees.

Your employees are some of the greatest experts on your brand and some of the most dedicated advocates.

They are already active on Twitter, are enthusiastic about your brand and are equipped to spread your content widely – and that makes them ideal influencers.

Don’t forget that an influencer doesn’t have to have a million followers to be effective.

A micro-influencer such as for example, an employee who has a few thousand focused followers can generate higher interactions than a celebrity with a broader but also more general follower community.

However, employees don’t always show themselves to be brand advocates.

It is up to you to encourage them to do so and give them the right resources so that they can do this job effectively.

Here are five things you can do to get your employees to be brand advocates on Twitter.

State Your Expectations

First of all, you need to educate your employees about your business goals on Twitter and explain how they can help with them.

 Encourage them to follow you on Twitter if they aren’t already and retweet your content if necessary.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to point out your company’s guidelines on social media, so employees know how to present your brand and themselves while on Twitter.

And if you have co-workers who aren’t on Twitter yet, this is a great opportunity to introduce them to the platform so they can connect to the network and share your content.

Follow Your Employees on Twitter

Interaction works both ways. In addition to asking your co-workers to follow you and share your content, you should also compile a list of co-workers to follow.

If you see an employee tweet about you or an industry news, share a picture from a conference, or retweet a customer post, you can interact with their content and share it with your followers.

In this way, you help establish your employee as an influencer and make them feel good because you shared their content.

Provide Quality Contents

When designing specific campaigns, you will usually create multiple tweets.

Don’t forget to also create tweet templates for your employees and email it to them so they can add them to their own Twitter feeds.

If you pre-formulate the tweets and provide optimized images, you make it easier for them to support your campaign, as they do not have to formulate texts themselves or find the right images.

Include the Brand Advocates in Your Strategy

Some employees tweet more about a company than others or have a more engaged audience.

Identify the top users that interact with your content on twitter, and give them the opportunity to develop their position as thought leaders by including them in your social media strategy.

For example, you can have a Twitter chat on an industry topic or help them create a longer post such as a blog post or a video, which you can then promote in the employee’s Twitter account as well as in your brand account.

Keep an Eye on the Performance

For some companies or positions, it can make sense to demand commitment as a brand advocate on Twitter from employees and include it in the performance evaluation.

 But for most brands, it is better if this employee engagement remains informal and encouraged by incentives.

For example, you can offer vouchers for the employees who achieve the most interactions for a specific campaign.

Regardless of which method works best for your company and your brand, you should monitor performance over the long term so that you know how you can further promote the positive representation of your brand by your employees on Twitter in the future.


Having your employees share your brand content on Twitter can lead to a better brand experience for your customers.

Not just brand awareness, it’s also more fun for your employees and, most importantly, better results for your business.

The result will be in the form of new leads, higher sales, and higher brand awareness.

Therefore, not only your social media manager should deal with Twitter and be present there, but all employees.

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