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Everything we learn is a gain for our lives, so learning capacity has become a highly valued quality, especially in these times when we live in constantly changing societies facing new technologies.

As entrepreneurs it is essential to acquire new knowledge if you want to achieve success, however, it is not enough to obtain them, it is necessary to apply some techniques to remember everything we learn.

Learning capacity

Scientifically, it has been thought that the ability to learn or acquire new knowledge gradually wears out over time, however, some researchers have shown that there are some factors that change this thinking.

That is, in the youth our brains are in excellent condition for learning, as time passes and we get older, it becomes more difficult to acquire new knowledge and skills, however, if an adult stops thinking about the wear and tear of such capacity And you have enough confidence in your brain agility you might be able to learn new things.

Has it ever happened to you that you just learned something and you only remember a part of it, you spend a lot of time learning something and within a few days you have already forgotten or are about to say or do something and in a carelessness you forget that What were you going to say or do.

This has made you think that your memory is bad, but you really need to exercise it, put into practice some tricks and techniques that will make your memory the champion of this competition.

What you should be clear about is the important role that memory plays in this process and what you should do to keep your memory always active, so I share some useful techniques that allow you to maintain and improve your ability to learn and memorize.

Underline Technique

When making important readings, highlight the phrases or significant words of the text, you can even use different colors to differentiate ideas from the content.

Summary Technique

When reading, summarize the paragraphs using a few words, look for the main ideas or keywords, so you will then understand the content without having to read it completely again.

Content Exhibition

Talk to someone you know who inspires you confidence, about what you read, use short sentences and test if they understand you, in this way you memorize better what you are studying.

Use of support cards

On these cards you can write down words, rules, step by learning, on one side you write a word and on the other side its meaning.

Technique of learning with drawings

Make a mind map using drawings and key words, in this way you visualize better the studied, this technique allows you to remember better since your brain easily captures the images and associates them with the content.


No matter what you are learning, practice and repetition is all you need to become an expert. Scientifically it is thought that repetition increases myelin in the axioms that link neurons in our brain, while we repeat more myelin we produce, which makes our neurons work faster and learn better.


According to physicist Richard Feynman, winner of the Nobel Prize, the best learning technique is simplicity, seeking to explain everything in the simplest way possible, such as to teach a child.

Knowledge transfer technique

This technique is about taking what it costs us to learn or memorize to an environment that interests us, we are passionate and facilitated, for example, you want to learn a language, and you are passionate about music, then you must listen to music in that language.

Mental games

There are a wide variety of tricks and games that will allow you to learn and remember in record time lists and order of elements, pronounce long sequences of ones and zeros, memorize card decks and tie lists of images with words, order long lists of elements in order alphabetic, etc.

Finally, I would like to talk about the positive attitude, it seems incredible what a good attitude can achieve, there will be those who think that it is a matter of a joke or simple nice talk, but it is not like that, to face situations, challenges, jobs, tasks and any moment with a positive attitude gives us the necessary courage to open ourselves to good things to happen.

If you start a project thinking about everything bad that could happen, your fears and fears will not allow you to move forward, the same happens in other answers, if you think that you are not able to learn about a subject or speak a language, you block and predispose Immediately for that learning, try to relate it to other topics that are facilitated, think positive and part of the premise that you can achieve everything you set out if you do it with passion and dedication.

On the other hand, it is not enough that you learn it, it is necessary that you keep it in practice so that you do not forget it, remember this practice also helps you to improve yourself.

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