Step by Step Strategy to Setup Google Webmaster Tools

You need Google Webmaster for the sake of your business and it will help you out in the best when you are looking for the reasons your website is lagging behind. Thus, here are the steps to help you when you are looking for the set up of Google Webmaster.

If you have a website for your business and you want your target customers to find it then you definitely need Google Webmaster tools for the same. This very tool is free software and it helps you in managing the technical side of your site and this is vital for SEO and certainly, if you want to avoid the recent Google penalty, you should hire Best SEO Company In India

If you want to know the reason why your business isn’t found by the customers yet, then this is the place where you look for answers. You might already have the Google analytics for your business website but Webmaster will be the companion to the same, and Google Adwords Services it will work better than anything else. Thus, here we have covered the step by step set up of Google Webmaster for your help.

  1. Set up the Account

You always need a Google account to have any service from the search engine thus, create the account first. You will need a valid email address for it and you can sure open an account easily.

  1. Add the Site

After this, you have to enter your site address in the direction box and click on continue. After this part, you will be asked for the verification for it, like if you are the owner of it or not.

  1. Check for Issues

You have to clear all the issues you have with your website from the beginning of the setup because when Webmaster finds it, it will show the error message on your screen. If there are messaging issues it will be shown on the page under ‘New and important’ tag and it will be sent by Google.

  1. Checking the Manual Actions

Google will check your site and look for any guideline violations in it and when you are using Webmaster then it will investigate in your site for any manual actions that have been made previously. If there have none of the same has been made then you will see the clearance from the tools.

  1. Crawl Errors

It will show you the specific links for which your website is having a crawl issue. You will see the data has been separated into two segments, desktop, and smartphone. You will find out the two types of problems in crawling, access denied and not found, thus you will know the problems you are facing with the website.

  1. Email Notification

Make sure you enable the email notification for your site and it will help you in the best way to get alerts on the issues that have attached to your site. Once you get the notifications, you will be able to correct the wrongs immediately.

  1. Search Traffic

You will get to see the relevant searches have been made for your website and the pages that have worked better to display the pop-ups as well.

Setting up Google Webmaster is easy, and you only need some small actions to provide on the internet and the software will be there to help you.

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