Spa News: A Close-up behind Renata De Abreu’s Success


Spa consultants work with spa owners and develop news and create various strategies to manage operations and increase their profits. They might also help out spa owners choose specific equipment for the spa or draft up ideas for a design for their menu services.

It can be quite challenging to be a spa consultant because not only are you helping the spa owners out; you have to work with architects and other professionals to ensure that whatever spa properties you are working on come out exactly the way you had envisioned it.

Naturally, a demanding job like this requires quality skills and creativity – and people who can deliver these aspects are highly revered in the spa industry.

A prime example of such a person is none other than Renata de Abreu, – a highly acclaimed Brazilian spa consultant, writer, and Ayurvedic coach. Her skills as a spa consultant have received positive responses over the years; she owns a spa in Sunny Isles, Florida, which is also known as Spa Home Life. This establishment is responsible for teaching a vast range of therapeutic techniques in Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Nicaragua, Jamaica, and the United States. And what is even more impressive is that she starting building up her career on multiple accomplishments over the years.

In 1998, she founded the Spa Mais Vida, which continued operations till 2012. She also found another establishment in 2007 called the Expertise Spa Consulting, a company that is still working effectively to this day with her leading every operation. It was in 2014 when she finally initiated Renata de Abreu Consulting, LLC in Miami – a place where people are offered various luxury spa facilities and guidance to other aspiring businesses.

As someone who used to be a marathon runner and triathlete, Renata’s goal is to use her skills to come up with ways to promote healthy habits among her clients, which even include some popular figures such as Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Martha Graeff, and Isabeli Fontana. Consequently, Renata’s current plans include working on launching her own food and juice for her Ayurvedic line in partnership with Sagrado Café in Miami. Plus, she also plans on building a spa in the north of Brazil for Dra Suzy Morals.

Aside from her spa work, she has also had the chance to make media appearances. She began by being a host on Fox TV’s Ser Mulher’s Show in Argentina and then decided to move back to Globo TV, where she took part in different shows. Moreover, she also worked directly with Angelic Ksyvickis on her TV show Estrelas as a beauty expert every Saturday.

Renata holds diverse careers under her belt and has managed to excel in all of them. It will only be a matter of time before she starts accomplishing more success in the business world and excels to heights we never thought possible. If you are interested in following her on her journey, you can find Renata’s Instagram page, where she shares posts about her life journey and current business operations.

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