Some Video Ideas to position yourself on YouTube

Creating content constantly is important, but in doing so often it is also understandable that you reach a point where you do not know what to do, it is also understandable that if you want to join this world of influencers you feel intimidated since everything is done, but don’t worry, that’s why we bring you some video ideas to position you on YouTube, so that you can be at the level of the most experienced in a short time.

Best ideas for YouTube SEO videos

While most ideas are seen, you can always find a way to give your own personality, do something different and that Internet users are interested in seeing what you have to say. Remember that the secret of those who succeed on this platform is not to be original, but to do things differently from the rest of those who use it.


It is the best way to stand out, you will always know how to do something that others do not, or you have a different way for the same purpose. The tutorials are endless, you can do from recipes, accessories, makeup, manicure, and natural treatments, how to repair objects, technology and much more.

You can share your knowledge with others in a creative and fun way, making others feel comfortable and close to you through the screen. Creating empathy with Internet users is the best way to win subscribers and views, as well as being one of the most sought after things by people of any gender and age.

 Training routines

You should clearly be a person with knowledge in the subject, who constantly goes to the gym or who knows about exercises to do at home. This can be a bit risky, but currently one of the most important fashions is to lead a healthy lifestyle thanks to the rise of social networks where we all want to look better than others.

If the fitness issue is one of your strengths, take advantage of it, the important thing is that you can create good angles, that the videos are of good quality and explain each movement well, so that they serve and what to avoid so as not having injuries.

Mystery videos

You will think that all cases are already seen, and although in a way you are right, not everyone knows how to cover these issues in the right way. You will get people who prefer you than others with a larger number of subscribers; the important thing is that you know how to do it.

You must speak correctly, make sure you say the names and cities well, investigate as much as possible, give the video a mysterious touch and look for quality images and effects, if you have enough creativity you will get a good positioning.

Tips to improve any language

Obviously you need to know the language well in order to do this, but it is a great idea if you know how to cover it well. Many people when they are learning to speak a language other than theirs desperately seek ways to improve where they always fail, and if you are the one who helps them, they will love you for it.

If it is a language known as English, French or Italian much better, because there are greater chances of having a lot of views, but others less known can give you the advantage of innovation, something much appreciated in this type of business.

Tour of your country or city

This can give you many points with people looking for information about a specific place, which can clearly be your current city. When you think about a trip to places that are not known at all, it is well researched to be able to make the right tourism without being too demanding, without wasting time and going to the places that caught the most attention.

The important thing about this type of videos is the quality of it, if you are going to give information try to go to a part where there is not much noise pollution, or on the contrary look for good shots and put your voice on putting on later, this can be very functional and appreciated by those who are genuinely interested in the information.

Trying Instagram tricks

This social network has become a very important place for tips or tricks of all kinds, especially in the field of beauty and cosmetics, but not all are true, you can make some videos testing the most popular or rare of all, making see if They are really useful or denying it, many people will appreciate that someone else risks doing it before doing it for themselves.

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