So Are the First Smart Glasses That Change Their Graduation

When a certain age is reached, the vision begins to fail, appearing presbyopia, or eyestrain. Many people also suffer from vision problems at birth, or from an injury. If you see badly from a distance or close up, it’s not a problem; you just have to wear prescription glasses for that distance. The problem arises when there are vision failures from both far and near. TouchFocus are smart glasses that change the graduation, simply by touching a button.

Currently people, who need glasses for all distances, use progressive lenses. They are very practical because they prevent you from changing between some glasses and others depending on the activity you are developing. But they have some limitations. For example, they increase the risk that a person may have an accident and fall down the stairs, since when looking at the feet from such a distance a distortion occurs.

Japanese TouchFocus glasses eliminate this problem by using different graduation that you activate yourself by touching a button.

TouchFocus glasses use lenses that combine electronic liquid crystal and progressive lenses.

By default they are graduated to see from afar, using their own technology that reduces distortions. To focus at different distances quickly you do not need to do anything, as they work as progressive lenses.

At the moment when we are going to spend time doing a task with a close focus, for example reading a book, it is when it is convenient to change the graduation. To do this, touch the touch sensor of the pin.

An electronic circuit located in the frame activates the liquid crystal mounted on the bottom of the lens, changing the graduation to focus closely with total clarity. Just press the button again to deactivate the liquid crystal and reuse the progressive lenses.

TouchFocus, smart glasses that change their graduation, have a small battery located on the back of the pin. They load in about four hours, through a USB port, and its autonomy is one day. The ideal is to leave them charging at night.

It seems an interesting technology, but it is not cheap. The TouchFocus glasses cost around 2,000 euros. At the moment they are not for sale in Spain.

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