SEO: New update of the Google Algorithm

On the 12th, Google once again updated its algorithm once again, thus changing the rules of SEO.

How does the Google algorithm work?

Not many years ago, Google mediated more than two hundred factors in each Web page to classify it, but nowadays everything points to Google having a neural network that applies AI (artificial intelligence). This means that the algorithm constantly learns and applies changes.

We started the year 2019 with some small modifications in the algorithm of Google that have not affected significantly to most web pages, but it has had an impact on certain very specific niches.

New algorithm setting

On March 12, we were able to observe large movements in the Serps due to a new and powerful update of the core of Google’s search algorithm. Do not forget that important changes are often accompanied by a confirmation by Google, while less significant changes, many times, are not even mentioned. This time Google confirmed its update via twitter:

What has changed the algorithm?

As usual, Google has not said exactly what has changed, but it has indicated that the pages that are penalized will have no choice but to create quality content to improve their position.

Some websites have already noticed an impact on their traffic, especially in some specific sectors. The industry of health, fitness and beauty, have been able to see a growth in their traffic.

This sector, experienced a great penalty at the end of last summer, when after a new adjustment of the algorithm, Google put them in their sights, demanding that the content of this niche was, reliable, expert and had authority.

After this new change, the search engine has relaunched this sector that had lost so many positions. It is rewarding pages that are doing their job well and that for one reason or another were affected in previous updates in a negative way.

With the last adjustment of the algorithm, it seems that the big losers have been the “niche pages”, the highly specialized sites dedicated to a specific or limited topic.

Analysts and experts, already point to certain directions on what Google would be rewarding or penalizing:

Improvement of positions:

  • The sites with the longest stay
  • More page views per visit
  • Low bounce rate

The penalty would go to the websites with worse results in the previous points.

The theory that reinforces this analysis is; that Google is rewarding the sites that get that, the user is satisfied.

Another one of the theories of the specialized analysts, indicates that, Google would be giving more importance than ever to the links. It would no longer be a factor of positioning, but a point of relevance.

What we still have very clear is that Google does not stop working constantly to improve their search results, so it is essential to follow their recommendations and do a good job on our pages so that they are not penalized.

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