Safety Eyewear Is Essential for Certain Work Environments

Eyes allow us to see the world clearly and if any damage is caused to the vision it needs to be corrected soon. Workplace safety standards enforce the use of safety glasses in a variety of work environments. Eyes are sensitive to dust and chemicals and in facilities where dust is produced due to an industrial process or chemicals irritate the eyes it is compulsory to wear protective eyewear.

Those who work with computers can get eye strain if they work for long hours. The computer monitors emit light that causes eye fatigue and headaches. The mobile phones have a smaller screen and if we look at it all day long, we can get eye strain. To protect the eyes from the blue rays emitted by the computer monitors and cell phones, the use of safety glasses is advisable. Eyesight is a valuable resource and needs to be preserved with immense care. Employers have to ensure that they have done all that they can to prevent eye injuries and help their employees see clearly.

Safety glasses are worn by employees in manufacturing, construction, medical, service industries, and sports. People working in these fields are at a greater risk of eye injuries. Many people do not want to wear eye protection simply because the glasses do not look attractive or are uncomfortable. These people are at a great risk and will suffer from eye damage in the long run.  For industrial wear, the safety glasses became popular in the 1940s. Today we can see their use in a variety of industries and even sports. These glasses are good for our vision and protect the retina from damage. 

The first glasses were invented in the 1280s by the Italian monks and it was in the 1880s that the first eye protector was made by P. Johnson, an African-American inventor. In 1914 the gas mask was invented which featured the safety glasses. During the first world war safety glasses found their practical use in the gas mask. Later the automakers began to use it in the car windshields. Before safety glasses were made people, who worked in certain industries used to wear an eye patch when they lost an eye or used to go blind due to the damage caused by shards of materials flying around near machines.

These days you can find the best quality prescription safety glasses online. It is an absolute necessity for those working in industrial environments. These are also beneficial for workers that need prescription glasses. Finding ANSI prescription safety glasses is not hard anymore. These can be purchased from trustworthy online sellers.  The glasses offered online protect you from chemicals, dust, wind, radiation, and lasers. You can select from a large variety of both safety glasses and prescription safety glasses. Look at the wraparound designs that are ideal for recreational activities, hunting and shooting at the range. Glasses with high ballistic ratings are a perfect choice for shooting.

Look for heavy-duty protection and a clear glass if you want glasses for electrical work or welding. Bifocal lenses are available for those who have the nearsightedness and want to do detail work. These lightweight glasses reduce eye strain and eye fatigue. The wraparound styles work great and are also comfortable. The rubber temple tips and soft nose bridge reduces the risk of slipping.  If you like to appear stylish look for the most fashionable safety eyewear on the market. Choose one with tastefully designed side shields for added protection. The lightweight glasses can be used for long hours and keep the eyes protected from impact and workplace hazards.

Another good option is the safety glasses over glasses that eliminate the need for changing glasses. These are great for those who already wear prescription glasses, as they protect both your eyes and the glasses. Fitovers are ideal for a lot of applications such as carpentry, woodworking, construction, metalwork, dental and lab work, shooting, and other recreational activities that require eye protection. The fitovers fit most readers but it is always wise to check the dimensions before you order online. Safety eyewear comes with scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses. It offers peripheral and direct eye protection. Always check the lens quality as with high-quality lens you can use the eyewear for extended periods. If you like the retro fashions, you need to look for protective eyewear with a throwback style. This will give you an exclusive and nostalgic appearance besides providing reliable eye protection. Find one with the side shields.

The single-piece safety eyewear is also very desirable due to its durability. This type of eyewear also features the unbreakable polycarbonate lens that offers protection against impact and harsh UV rays.  Calabria, Rhino, and Uvex offer some very trendy models at very low prices. Choose from colored lenses, mirrors or clear lenses to suit your style. 

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