Recommended Blogging Platforms [Free for Bloggers]

This article will motivate to start your blog today. This interesting read will introduce you to few platforms which offers millions of visitors for free.

Blogging is the aim for many of us but when we see that the cost of starting it is high, we all try to hide ourselves.

Now to get you going, we have the free blogging sites like Blogspot, Medium that are every one’s favorites. It’s a way for new bloggers to foster visually appealing websites without continually having to find out how to code. Lets have a look at the best sites now.

Weebly (

Weebly is a new website designer that you tin wear and tear not just to blog but and to promote harvest or platform your portfolio. It is rather alike to Wix to the magnitude that it provides a WYSIWYG editor with drag-and-drop elements. If you forgot to press a precise button, you be able to modestly drag it to summon and make to order it. The constant happens with slideshows, photo galleries, with other CD element.

Weebly gives the media boxes, sidebars, flyer spaces, forms, newsletter subscription, and lots of more. Moreover, the platform comes with built-in analytics and lets you manipulation your acknowledge personalized area (for which you poverty to pay). 

WordPress (

It is the queen of free sites for blogging. It’s very easy and a free stage, but you must to put together to locate habitually by hand afterward. You and engage in to multitude the software yourself. Whereas you bottle regain around free WordPress hosting, to enhance long-term strategy is to give a moderate sum for a trustworthy WordPress host. This is anywhere Bluehost comes into play. Not lone is it precise inexpensive (just $2.95 apiece month on the principal plan), but it as well provides safe features, counting a free area name, the 50GB of floppy disk space, 100MB and free SSL cargo space apiece account. It is an extraordinarily time, Bluehost is the cheapest aware WordPress hosting you container retrieve out there. If you don’t have budget, you can buy hosting in budget. But ensure you read hosting reviews before buying it.

Wix (

Wix is a free website draftsman that thoroughly managed from the front-end. The chief characteristic of this platform is that it comes with drag-and-drop options, subsequently you don’t maintain to touch something in the back-end. The draw up plans is precise intuitive and modern, which be able to be second-hand by equally beginners and advanced.

To launch a Wix blog, precisely signal up and progress to a choice: You know how to also give permission the Wix AI fashion a put for you based on a questionnaire or put together your blog manually – which includes selecting a cut-out and arranging the layouts through the WYSIWYG editor. If you stay with the second option, altogether you neediness to act is to discover a handsome guide and depart customizing the whole lot on the front-end, in a live preview mode.

Google’sBlogSpot or Blogger

Blogger is a further superb blogging platform. It’s not absolutely as moving as WordPress, but on the other hand, it is extra understandable for new users, which comes as no blow what time you gain knowledge of that it’s owned by Google.  Blogger offers a first-rate medley of templates, every part of which bring in mobile versions optimized for less important screens – a actual judicious calculation with consequently countless dwell in accessing online contents through smartphones these days. Blogger is besides network responsive. You can also look at connecting Free domain. Hope you know How to get free domain.


Joomla can be considered more or less the same as; however, it ain’t the same to other free blog sites we find nowadays. Similar to WordPress, the software is free of cost, however, it requires a domain and hosting. Just like the WordPress case, we advise Bluehost because of the reason that it consists of two very important features-it is quite cheap and also reliable (also it contains a free domain)


Jimdo is much more than simply an example of blogging sites that are free of cost. But, in its free version, the most advised are blogs, provided Jimbo’s elementary features. Therefore, you can, without much time, make a website with Jimdo by passing through few items (by taking an elementary questionnaire regarding your site’s motive)> Once you check these options, the site is created on its own based on your requirements. The disadvantage of Jimdo is the fact that you are not allowed to have a custom domain (not for free of cost at least) and also, you aren’t allowed to remove the advertisements until and unless you upgrade.

Medium (

Medium is an adaptable platform tackling diverse topics, somewhere anybody with an savings account be able to write. Dissimilar a large amount other free blogging sites, the cumbersome improvement of middle is that your articles will be exposed to a expansive interview since the platform is visited by 60 million readers for each month (and the figure increases every year). It’s super effortless to aid – you beautiful a large amount slightly road sign up and open writing. But the downside is that entirely your please is on mode. 

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