Quick Win Excel Tips That Will Help You in 2020

Using Microsoft Excel may seem intimidating at first. Here are some quick win Excel tips that will help you in 2020.

Turning off Dark Mode in Excel

Dark mode is unpopular with many Excel users. When you turn off dark mode in Excel, you turn it off for all of your Microsoft applications, including Word and PowerPoint. There are two ways to turn off dark mode on Excel.

The first way disables dark mode when you’re logged into your Microsoft account. Once you’ve disabled dark mode with this method, you don’t have to repeat the process when you log in to another computer. Open your Excel program, and click “Account”. Under the title “Office Theme”, you’ll find a drop-down box. Choose “Colorful” or “Classic”.

The second method only disables dark mode for the computer you’re using. Open Excel, click “File” and choose “Options”. Click the “General” tab. It’ll bring you to a list of settings. Click the drop-down menu for “Office Theme” and choose “Classic” or “Colorful”.

Adding or Removing a Password from Your Excel Spreadsheet

Maintaining the confidentiality of financial documents is a must in some professions. If you want to keep your Excel spreadsheet safe from prying eyes, you can set a password. Encrypt your spreadsheet with a password by clicking “File” and choosing the “Info” tab. Click “Protect Workbook” and choose the option “Encrypt with password” from the drop-down menu.

To remove the password, open your spreadsheet by typing in your previously chosen password. Follow the same steps you used to add a password. After selecting the option “Encrypt with password”, delete your chosen password, and click “OK”.

Copying a Formula in Excel with a PC or Mac

To copy a formula from your Excel spreadsheet, open your spreadsheet and double-click the cell where you have applied the formula to select it. If you’re a Mac user, press “Command” + “C”. If your computer’s a PC, press “Control” + “C”. Then use “Command + V” or “Control + V” to paste the formula to a new cell in the same spreadsheet or a different spreadsheet.

Creating a Table in Excel

To format your data into a table, select your data by clicking on it. Then, choose the “Tables” option from the Insert tab. You can choose the range, specifications and formatting for your table.

Hiring an Excel Expert to help you with your spreadsheets

These are just a few tips provided by The Excel Experts to how you can make spreadsheets work for you and your business. There are many Excel consultants that specialist in spreadsheets as well as other parts of Microsoft Office. Whether it’s simple Excel help you need or would like to seek remote assistance on a fully automated Excel spreadsheet, you can hire consultants to help you maximize your spreadsheets and save your business time and money.

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