PUBG To Get a New Erangel Map 2.0 On September 8

All fans complaining about rare and slow updates of PUBG game now get ready because the world-famous game PUBG is said to be entertained with the new Erangel map 2.0 coming on 8th of this month. The novel era is going to be introduced in the second Erangel map of PUBG. It will bring exciting new places, new entities, visuals, and experiences for gamers. The fans have equal chances of winning colossal UC about 30K in the competition, which is still going on as it was started on August 28.  Here is all about new Erangel map with details to understand more comprehensively. 

What is in Store for Fans Along with New Map Updates?

The new version of Ernagel’s map will provide several features for gamers. These features are announced by the officials.

  • It will add new glorious and exciting maps and locations in the game.
  • It will also present new entities and features along with the map.
  • There is also one event that has been brought up by Erangel map 2.0 to help players win massive amounts in UC.

Get Familiarized with new Map Locations, Updates and Changes

Let’s talk about maps, new designs, and locations before exploring other features which are supposed to be more exciting and will be loved by adults and kids too. Even I too get relaxed by playing it while working at cheap assignment help.  There are new designs in map sequenced as

  • Quarry.
  • Prison.
  • Mylta.
  • Power.

It will be gamer of visuals and cinematic experience besides the graphics and image densities will broaden this time for fans. All surroundings like trees plan grass, and buildings will look more realistic with the new update. There will be included more empty gardens, hurdles, and storage canes. There will be exact and refine amendments in the cheer park in recent updates. Also, fans will get more weapons this time to enjoy the terrific bizarre competition. Now you will see the M1014 weapon also in the new update that will be a surprise for all fans waiting for the new Erangel map 2.0 update.

The PUBG officials have also announced new features that will be revealed by the recent update soon this month. Erangel map was one of the most favorites of PUBG followers, and it has an important place in the game. Fans love the map because there are so many areas of wonder like grasses, tanks, buildings, elevated areas, peaks, and woody places where you can just stroll around with your mates. But this time, the second map version of Erangel has aroused adrenaline in the blood of fans as they were waiting for updates a long time ago.

Loot areas of Erangel Map

PUBG provides immense opportunities for loot, and loot is a heartthrob for all fans. The first version, if Erangel is not so much familiarized with loot areas, but the new 2.0 version is going to expand areas for loot. To help fans get acquainted with loot areas, there is low risk and high risk with a range of risk are for their complete guidance when they get onto Erangel map for loot chances.

  • The Docks and Ports

Now there will be docks and novel ports in the new map included by the Erangel map 2.0. this will give more insight into the visual appearances of the shorelines, and all other ports will have to broaden areas for fans to rob more as much as they can because it is not only sand but extended much more.

  • Georgopol

It is one of the greatest areas of Erangel, but there are not much more advanced facilities for you. There you will find rough and old buildings. But you can have better luck of stealing cars and vehicles if others are not keeping an eye on your activities. Otherwise, there you cannot find any armor for your protection. It is regarded as a medium risk are because people often wonder there.

  • Rozhok (School) a Trap

The main middle place on the Erangel map is the school, which is actually called a trap for all players. It is attached to a garage where you can steal a vehicle to move to a safe zone. It is a start-up when you enter into the game and drop down on the school’s land.

  • Sonsnova the Extreme Risk Area

The riskiest location on the whole map is military base Sonsnova. It is an area of adept players who come here for a lot of unusual gears but the highly sensational area. If you have luck, you can get in, but it might not be possible to get away alive.

  • Stabler Low-Risk Mountain

You can start loot in a low risk are like Stalber where your chances of loot are enhanced as it is a hilly area. You can expect a nice drop here, but moving to safe zone areas is all on you if you get there. 

  • Bunkers High-Risk Loot Areas

It is on your luck and expertise if you go on taking high risks, then you can loot a tremendous amount of weaponry in the bunkers. These bankers are surrounded by enemies, and you can get caught easily. So be careful.

PUBG MOBILE 1.0 Update is Expected on the Same Day. 

The news is also that new PUBG mobile version 1.0 is also going to be launched on the same date when the new maps will inaugurate for the fans. 

  • Updated Graphics

The new 1.0 update of PUBG mobile is speculated to unveils new graphics for fans who will be amazed at getting a more realistic experience of the game now. The whole scenario will be improved and furnished with modern graphics, which will increase the transparency of display for the players. Fans will get more upgraded textures, lighting, other elements that will be more charming for the eyes of fans. You will see clear buildings, smoke microparticles, better connection with teammates and

enhanced pixels. 

  • Dropping

There is going to be updated landing for fans, and the player will be rolled to the land after landing means more realistic dropping you will experience with a new update. 

Light reflection and shadows will be more precise because PUBG has done more works on graphics this time. 

  • A new Interface

Moreover, the interface of the game will be changed entirely with new bars and option tools. The game lobby will be entertained with more animations exceptionally modern and eye-catching. It will give pure aesthetics look to the interface of the game, and the audience will find it more attractive than earlier versions. Get ready for a brand-new look at the game on September 8.

PUBG Community Event for a Giveaway of 100$ 

Now you may have got to know about updates in map designs and locations that will be seen in PUBG new update. Let me tell you more about the community event, which will be an opportunity for players to win 30000 UC or 100$, but how you can win it is in detail.

First, you need to be suggested that this is only for pro players who have experience and proficiency at playing the game for quite a moment. If you are a beginner who just has started playing a game part-time, then please be aware this community competition may not work for you because it will best suit only adept players of the game. 

There you go, expert players things you should acquire about an ongoing community event.

There are about three various sections in which you need to present your past experiences while playing the game that may be requirements for your entrance in a community event.

  • Your most memorable Chicken dinner.
  • Your much loved Erangel map location and its screenshot
  • What is your beloved video of Erangel map?

You do not need to be every time a winner for entrance in the event you might be a familiar but adept player to get into the community festival. Take those screenshots and post them on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with a hashtag #PUBGMErangel. 

Giveaway Awards and its Distribution

There will be a winner for the event with a player in second place and co-runner up also. The first person will be awarded a mammoth amount of 100$, and the runner-up will receive an award of half of 100$, and the person in the last third place will be given 25$ for encouragement. The PUBG twitter handlers will post the name of the winner in their official tweets, and the winner will get opportunities to get international acknowledgment. So, if you are looking to get these pros, you should quickly go for a game and prove yourself to be a winner of the event. The PUBG officials, along with the announcement of new Ernagel map updates, also declared the commencement of online competition for the favorite PUBG memories. The competition is named as the Dawn of a new era, and the contest is still not over. You can participate until September 8, 2020. 

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