Paula SCHER Graphic Designer Biography and Work

Paula Scher is a graphic designer, illustrator, painter, and one of the most influential art educators. Born in America, on October 6, 1948, in Washington D.C., she holds a bachelors’ degree in arts. She graduated in the year 1970 from Tyler School of Arts. Later, she worked At Random House as a layout artist in New York.

CBS Records:

She left Random House for CBS Records where she worked for two years in the advertising and promotions department. To explore more creative endeavors, she changed her job and got hired by Atlanta Records and worked as the art director and got a chance to design her very first album cover. She returned to CBS records to work in the cover department as an art director. During her eight-year-long tenure at CBS Records, she is known to design 150 album covers each year. Some of her notable works at CBS Records include Bob James (H), Roger Dean and David Howells (The Ultimate Album Cover Album) and Eric Gales (Ginseng Woman) and many more. She is accredited with the restoration of the historical typeface in design styles.

Russian Constructivism:

1982 was the year she left CBS Records to start her own work.  She is famous for creating a typographic solution and style, which included Art deco and Russian Constructivism. This newly developed typographic style inspired her to revolutionize the general perception of typography. She didn’t emulate the conventional constructivist styles rather used its forms to distinguish her work from others.

Koppel and Scher:

1984 was a defining year for Paula Scher. Collaborating with her fellow school graduate, she established her own firm which goes by the name Koppel and Scher. The partnership lasted for six years, and the studio produced some of the remarkable design pieces and artworks, which includes book jackets, the famous Swatch poster, packaging, and advertising designs and identities.


In 1991, Koppel left the Koppel and Scher as the firm was experiencing stagnation and started working as a creative director at Esquire magazine. While Scher started working as a consultant and a partner of Pentagram in New York. Since then she has been working as the principal of Pentagram design consultancy at New York.


In 1992 she pursued her career as a design teacher and educator at School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York and you can take service from wiki page creator. Since then she has been awarded several prizes, credits, and honors for her excellence, stunning work and service in art education. Being presented with more than 300 awards she is also a reputable member of Alliance Graphique International (AGI) and masterpieces are a part of New York MoMA collections, the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, the Museum für Gestaltung, Zurich and the Centre of Georges Pompidou. Her ever-growing popularity is accredited to her large-scale paintings of maps which usually include solid hand-painted labeling and information. Serving as an arts educator at SVA for more than two decades, she also held reputable positions at Yale University, Tyler School of Arts and Cooper Union.

Branding and Identities:

Known as the first ever designer to build an innovative and modern system for identity and promotional graphics for The Public Theater, Paula created an effective and influential graphic design system for theatrical advertising campaigns and for cultural organizations. In the same year, she designed her first ever poster campaign of the New York Shakespeare Festival in Central Park which introduced a pioneering visual language and identity for Public Theater. Scher’s festival marketing poster campaigns are based on powerful yet evocative languages. Her 2010’s New York Shakespeare Festival campaign was awarded in the Print Regional Design Annual 2011.

The Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA):

Currently, it is one of the most credible and popular logotype museums. Scher came up with a well-though-out grid system for the uniform arrangement of images and types. Her methodology and developed custom typeface can deal with works of all types and sizes, be it a banner or a print advertisement. The director of MoMA has used this newly developed system and Scher’s work of genius to advertise on the larger banner, subways, and even the official website.

The Metropolitan Opera:

Paula Scher collaborated with Julia Hoffman to build a new identity of the Metropolitan Opera. The main purpose of rebranding was to attract a wide spectrum of audience, especially the young generation and bring them to the opera halls which are rarely visited by millennials and young people. The print ad campaign proved to be successful as it was one of the most profitable sales days in the history of the institution.

New York City Ballet:

It is one of the largest and successful dance company, and Scher was hired to design a promotional campaign and organization’s identity which relates to the company’s historical legacy with a slight touch of a modern and new aesthetic. The newly designed identity was displayed almost everywhere, from subways and bus shelters to magazines, website, and print ads and in environmental graphics in New York State Theater at Lincoln Center.  

Well-recognized work:

•    Scher is known to design the official Windows 8 and Office 2010 logos.

•    She designed the log for New York Philharrmonic in 2009.

•    The Citibank logo designed in 1998 is one of her remarkable artworks.

•    Last and but the least, Tiffany and Co. is considered as her magnum opus.

In the end:

Paula Scher is a renowned personality in the world of graphic design. She has been in this industry for more than twenty years, and her works and masterpieces are the perfect reflections of her experience, expertise, and skill in this field and industry.  

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