Passive Candidates: Tips for Recruiting

Passive candidates have a higher quality and a significant percentage. Rather than of people actively seeking employment; whether they are unemploy or want a change in their careers. Aspect that seems quite critical to me, since it is repeatedly overlooked in the current selection processes.

It is seen that most companies want to focus on hiring passive candidates. And knowing that they are the most talented. Still, they continue to use their own selection processes for active candidates.

This is where social networks enter the equation of the search for talent, and in the recruitment and selection processes of the future. A 2.0 talent search strategy is the key to being able to find and attract all these passive candidates.

With the aim of helping HR professionals, head-hunting professionals, and companies in general; I leave you with a series of tips that could well serve to recruit and hire talented candidates:

1 – Make Sure You Gain Their Interest

Obtain enough information from the candidate, so that you can argue your proposals and articulate a strategy. In which the candidate is the one who is interested in what you have to say; instead of making yourself seem the interested one. You already know that “curiosity killed the cat”. Put a little mystery in your approaches and use the information in your favor, you will see how you get good results.

2 – Be An Expert as passive candidates

Passive candidates will verify that whoever tries to contact them is an expert in their area of work, sector, or function. So specialize and speak properly, and above all with good reasoning.

3 – Ask For Your Approval

There are cases in which it is better to reveal our intentions. And after a series of compliments on what we have found on the Internet. We can go on to request your approval to offer you “something” that may be of interest to you. Asking permission for things you don’t need gives people a certain amount of power that you can use to your advantage.

4 – Be Someone Important

Talented passive candidates are not going to waste time talking to a simple recruiter. They will want to be contacted by someone significant. OR at least well-connected, and with a certain digital reputation. So you must make a name for yourself before entering the Internet to recruit. It also helps to have enough importance beforehand that your position in the company gives you, or at least seems so, as Machiavelli would say.

5 – Do Not Accept Negatives

If your strategy has not worked, change it and try the approach again. Many people are reluctant to talk to a recruiter, but they sure want to talk to a friend. So persist, but without becoming “heavy”, because the effect is counterproductive. Show him that your intentions are good and that what you offer him has potential for his future.

6 – Dismiss Looking For Quality

Not all passive candidates have talent. Just because someone is working in a management position in a large company, it does not necessarily mean that he is the best in his area. Inquire before the search in your own network and with your contacts, and you will see how you can assemble, in a short time, a good selection of the most valuable by sector.

7 – Passive Candidates and Sell Argument

Divert the conversation towards the tacit, the interesting, and the profession, instead of doing it towards the open vacancy. It frees the potential candidate from the stress of commitment. Talk about everything except the position, until it is evident to do so, all of the above will allow you to gain their trust, but within your territory.

8 – Reflection of Passive Candidates

Searching, finding, recruiting, and selecting passive candidates is possibly the process that makes the most sense in today’s complex labor market.

But to do so you have to change both the methodology and the mentality, it’s the only way to find the best.  It is not a quick process, but it is very efficient and inexpensive, which in the long run will displace traditional methods. Why hire the least talented if you can find the best you can visit related content here?

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