81% of Online Malicious Traffic Goes to the Famous PHP Language

PHP is the most popular language in web development, practically omnipresent when surfing the Internet. That makes it one of the main targets of malicious hackers, who have not hesitated to take advantage of the many vulnerabilities that it presents.

According to a report published by F5 Labs and shared with this medium, the number of attacks against PHP has not stopped increasing in recent years, in most cases following a very similar procedure. Practically 80% of websites use this language, so the potential of exploits is devastating.

81% of all malicious traffic on the Internet in 2018 was directed directly towards PHP, an increase of no less than 23% in a single year, and it does not seem to stop.

In this way, PHP has become the Achilles heel of the digital world and the Internet, and with certain knowledge and exploiting vulnerabilities, it is relatively easy for an attacker to take control of a system.

The key is in a tool called phpMyAdmin, which grants access to MySQL databases. If the attacker gets administrator permissions and access to the first one, the system becomes an easy prey.

The peculiar thing of this entire subject is in the origin of the attacks against PHP, located in its majority in a university campus in North America, according to F5 Labs. 87% of the malicious traffic came from two unique IP with this origin, something quite showy.

For now, it is not known exactly who is behind this attack or what exactly it intends, although what is clear is that its procedure has served to identify some exploits in PHP systems that until now had gone unnoticed.

With more and more people forming in different programming languages, today there are more options than ever when choosing. Everything seems to indicate that PHP will continue to reign, at least for a while.

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