New Technology has its advantages and disadvantages, but we must take advantage of the potential that gadgets offer us for our daily lives, it’s all about how we use them so that the advantages are much greater than the disadvantages. Technological advances, updates and creativity continue to trend, companies seek ways to reach users with innovative products, but also to be functional to make your experience rewarding. We look at the most interesting technological developments that come to us from different ways.

Here we are talking about 10 gadgets and technological products trend 2019. 10 gadgets and technological products trend 2019: There are terms and products that sounded like fiction until a few years ago, but that today is a reality.

1. Earphones speaker

Considered a trend in the all of Marketplace, these led cosplay headphones is a combination of this fashion with nice animal designs. It comes standardized in 3.5mm headphone and ready to work with almost all smartphones and tablets. They point out that it is a good gift for the little ones, but also for cosplay fans.

2. Car Air Freshener

This product is an air freshener for vehicles, its function is to effectively purify the air, in addition to eliminate odors, increase indoor humidity, nourish the skin and eyes.

3. Ideal headphones for video games

This gadget is designed for video games, since it allows you to hear every sound and environmental signal as it is generated exactly in the game. It comes with volume and built-in microphone. It is a product that cancels the noise to enjoy a unique gaming experience; it has been designed for the most demanding gamer.

4. Mini ozone generator

It has been designed for domestic use in small spaces such as lockers, cabinets, washbasins, pet areas, laundry and bathroom areas, garbage areas, changing rooms and many more, and is the perfect solution to refresh the environment. It works without any type of chemical products; it keeps silence in the library and does not require maintenance. If you did not know, ozone is the most powerful disinfectant known, which also does not leave toxic residues, since it decomposes in oxygen and water, or in carbon dioxide in the air.

5. Mobile power charger

This mobile power supply is useful for those who use their cell phone more frequently during the day and need to be connected or simply require information from their smartphone. It is a shopping trend in this Marketplace and may be a product in great demand by 2019 due to the majority use of our cellular devices.

6. IPhone Repair Kit

The products related to iPhone are quite popular products. The iPhone 25 in 1 repair kit is one of the most popular items in the phone category. With a compact and varied package, it is very easy to take everywhere. It can provide you with the most powerful function as professional hardware tools like it’s very useful for your digital products and perfect for mobile phone, camera, glasses, and watches.

7. Lapbook

This is a new brand that points very well in the laptop market, according to the shopping trend, its style is very modern, and it have cool keyboard with full of large size where you can enjoy with your typing. Comes with the 9th generation Intel for graphics optimization up to 700 MHz through which you can play in 4K.

8. Universal remote control Smart home

The Broadlink RM3 RM Pro is a universal remote control for appliance control through the smartphone (IOS and Android). Users can control the devices anywhere, anytime. They can reconfigure the programming so that the devices turn on / off automatically under different themes. Without needing an entrance you can connect to your home or office. It also converts your iOS or Android smartphone into a universal remote control.

9. The new Lenovo

This new technological product of the renowned brand Lenovo has a full view screen, that is, a vision easier and wider. It has 3GB of RAM 32GB of memory, supports 4G, 8-core Snapdragon processor, a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. A prominent feature is its integrated battery that allows a longer working time; this is combined with the Lenovo system that has a lower consumption.

10. Smart watch for fitness

This gadget has advanced features such as movement log. In addition, sleep monitoring showing the quality of sleep per period of time. Supports calls, SMS reminders, and more etc… This technological product in trend is compatible with Android and iOS.

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